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How often do you weigh yourself?



  • SoDamnHungrySoDamnHungry Posts: 7,018Member Member Posts: 7,018Member Member
    I weigh myself every day. I've weighed in once a week before, and sometimes it would look like I hadn't lost an ounce! With me it all depends on the day. Each time I reach a new low is when I record (even if it's by .2 pounds).
  • SheepyWolfSheepyWolf Posts: 17Member Posts: 17Member
    Every single day haha
  • crystalflamecrystalflame Posts: 1,094Member Member Posts: 1,094Member Member
    Every day. There's usually an average number for the week; if it goes up I watch my sodium, if it goes down quite a bit I make sure to hydrate.

    I know a lot of people on this site say weighing themselves every day makes them crazy, but I keep seeing articles about how it helps you lose weight faster and keep more weight off, so doctors and dieticians recommend it... Guess it's just about what works for you in the end.
  • moemoe79moemoe79 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    I weigh myself everyday. It's an addiction I know. If I go on vacation and there is no scale it drives me made.
  • JephaMooiJephaMooi Posts: 112Member Member Posts: 112Member Member
    I find that weighing myself every morning after first pee, I see myself lose faster.
    It's as if going throughout my day the image sticks in my brain and reminds me that it's only down from there.
  • melbatoast917melbatoast917 Posts: 370Member Member Posts: 370Member Member
    Daily, but I avoid the scale during certain TOTM because it depresses me for no reason!
  • UZBGIRLUZBGIRL Posts: 35Member Posts: 35Member
    Every day, first thing when I get out of bed.

    I do the same..
  • JoniBolognaJoniBologna Posts: 662Member Member Posts: 662Member Member
    I used to be an every day weigher. Now, I've gotten to the point where I barely even think about it. I will weigh in once every couple of weeks maybe.
  • LessKarenLessKaren Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    Everyday. When I wake up and before I go to bed. It really helps to keep me on track.
  • DeMarraDontStopDeMarraDontStop Posts: 352Member Member Posts: 352Member Member
    I'm a daily weigher. I like to see the fluctuations that happen - not only does it help me make sense of how my body deals with things (too much sodium, a new/intense workout, that dreaded TOM) and makes me less likely to freak out but it helps me keep perspective.

    The same with me, seeing the number on the scale helps to keep things in perspective to know what caused a gain or a loss. I don't freak out cause I haven't been in a predicament where I feel like why I am not losing, if I didn't lose I know why i'm not in denial.
  • RebelliousRibbonsRebelliousRibbons Posts: 391Member Member Posts: 391Member Member
    Every damn day. When I don't, I usually get into a pattern of gaining again, and I like to see the fluctuations.
  • MeraidMeraid Posts: 161Member Member Posts: 161Member Member
    I can't help but check almost everyday when I get up, even if that happens to be around 11. However I KNOW the numbers mean little and I only count Fridays as official weigh ins and I measure every two weeks. If the number doesn't change or goes up I know it's not fat and I decide to change things up that day. I don't ever give up just because it didn't move. I shrug it off.
  • KT022KT022 Posts: 46Member Member Posts: 46Member Member
    I'm like some of the others here - I weigh myself every day, if not more than once a day. I am totally weight obsessed, but being overweight my entire life has kind of made me that way - damn you societal pressure!
  • Mr_Bad_ExampleMr_Bad_Example Posts: 2,429Member Member Posts: 2,429Member Member
    Never. Well, not never... maybe every three months if I remember to do it.

    I go by how my clothes feel and how I look. When I started seriously dieting and working out, I wore a size 38 in jeans just to be comfortable and extra large t-shirts - these days, I sometimes have to hike up my size 32's to keep them from falling off my butt and I find that I need to buy medium t-shirts to be comfortable. As soon as either the pants or the shirts get tight in the wrong areas, I'll know I've been slacking.
  • Get_Me_Fit1Get_Me_Fit1 Posts: 194Member Posts: 194Member
    I do it every week.
  • MCproptartMCproptart Posts: 93Member Member Posts: 93Member Member
    Every day, after "first void" as my nurse grandmother would say. That's the one I log into MFP. I also take a blood pressure reading. I used to do blood sugar and temperature also. I have it all logged in my handy dandy notebook so I can share trends with my doctor.

    I do step on the scale more often than once a day. It's right next to my computer table, and close to the kitchen & living room, so it's always there.

    I like to weigh often to see what sorts of patterns emerge. I'm usually about 2# less when I weigh in the morning than when I go to bed--weighing before bed helps me get excited to see if I'll be down another pound come morning--especially if I'm close to changing that middle number on the scale or hitting a landmark number of pounds lost or "I haven't weighed xx since..."

    When I spend the night at my friend's house, I miss not being able to step on the scale in the morning.

    It may be a bit obsessive, but it's keeping me excited and motivated, not making me sad, so I'm going to keep on doing it.
  • bastgoddess7bastgoddess7 Posts: 64Member, Premium Member Posts: 64Member, Premium Member
    Once a week, to maintain consistancy and not become obsessive.
  • Yukon_JackYukon_Jack Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    Every Sunday before breakfast.....
  • ctalimentictalimenti Posts: 865Member Member Posts: 865Member Member
    Every day. It helps me to see fluctuations caused by sodium intake (about 2 lbs). It also reassures me the gain isn't fat as I didn't ingest and extra 3500-7000 cals the day before. I can also weigh an extra 2-3 lbs before my period.
  • RyanWilson1993RyanWilson1993 Posts: 409Member Member Posts: 409Member Member
    Once a week used to do it every day but its more accurate weekly
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