Fitbit and sweat

Hi, I have just bought a fitbit and I cant wait to use it !!! But I have read that it's not waterproof, even sweat. I sweat A LOT while exercising, so my question is, where can I clip it? (not in contact with skin) should I get a lanyard or an armband (like those to put a phone into). TIA.


  • i use the clip it comes with and clip it front and center in my bra. i find it doesn't get too sweaty despite the rest of me being sweaty.

    fitbits are pretty tough little gadgets. i love mine sooo much. it motivates me to keep moving!! yesterday i climbed Godzilla! LOL
  • FitGirl329
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    Sweat does affect it so be careful. You can use the clip and face it outward. Be careful it doesn't pop out. Some people wrap it in Saran wrap then put it on their clothing. It seems to work well that way.
  • I had a problem with my fitbit display going wonky when I wore it clipped between my bra cups. I changed to clipping it to the strap of my bra/sports bra and have had no problems even when I get super sweaty.
  • Raynne413
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    I do the same as lots_of_love. I put it in the belt clip thing they gave you and clip it to the center of sports bra, facing out.
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    Thanks for replies. I think I'll use the strap of the bra, cos my bra ends soaking wet ! LOL !