What's your "Sweet Treat?"

I've eliminated excess sugar from my diet. So far I've lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks just from changing my diet. Though I will not be doing it just yet, I want to know what are some healthy alternatives to having a "treat" but still not loading my body with sugars and/or artificial flavors. I generally try to consume less than 5g of sugar with whatever I eat. Any suggestions?


  • Sailorwind
    Sailorwind Posts: 158 Member
    Grapes, strawberries and apples have almost completely replaced sugar and candy as my "sweet tooth" snacks. I also am a big fan of the weight watchers fudgsicles. I have some Edy's no sugar added fruit bars in my freezer, but haven't tried them yet. Another thing I tend to consider a "treat" is either some chips and salsa or carrots and Marzetti's fat free ranch dip (I swear, it tastes the same as the full fat dip, LOVE).
  • MuddyEquestrian
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    I make my on no sugar strawberry jam so I mix that with PB!
  • SouthernSkylark
    SouthernSkylark Posts: 128 Member
    yoomoo frozen yogurt with strawberry sauce! :love:
  • amanda_ataraxia
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    A serving of these chocolate tarts have 4g of sugar. I am IN LOVE with them.

    And the ingredients are super simple: dark cocoa, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic maple syrup, almond flour, sea salt.
  • CanonMom413
    True North's almond, cashew, and pecan nut clusters. Organic sugar (barely) and a whole lot of yumminess.

    ETA . It has a bit more sugar than that, but honestly for a "treat" you shouldnt deprive yourself because its a moderation thing. If you should happen to fall off the wagon, you dont want to binge because you havnt had a truely sweet treat in forever. I eat 5 clusters for 170 calories and all the added benefits of great nuts.
  • Graelwyn75
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    yoomoo frozen yogurt with strawberry sauce! :love:

    Yoomoo is packed with sugar.
  • ggof
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    nothing for about 5 mths, then i started 2 crackers with a bit of honey ..
  • katbuchanan25
  • stangma
    stangma Posts: 211 Member
    Whole Fruit Mango bars - - - Yummy ;-D
  • TinGirl314
    TinGirl314 Posts: 430 Member
    Chocolate covered bananas or skinny cow are my sweet treats, but they both have over 5 :(
  • Substances
    Substances Posts: 120 Member
    Strawberries and mangos!
    I love me some strawberries, and mangos are.. UNF.
  • pkw58
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    Either Fage 0% Greek yogurt with half the honey it comes with… or yoplait greek honey vanilla greek yogurt. Serioulsy dependent on my honey vanilla greek yogurt!
  • JenMull44
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    Vanilla ice cream cone
  • pinkcowss
    pinkcowss Posts: 16 Member
    yoplait no fat vanilla yogurt
  • themommie
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    sugarfree fudgesicles or sugarfree jello with light coolwhip , sugarfree skinnycow ice cream sandwiches
  • skinnymini_wannabe
    I have 0% Fat-Free Plain Chobani yogurt, with strawberries, blueberries and truvia if needed. ^_^ Only 115 calories and 16 grams of carbs (most natural sugars).
  • brooshie
    brooshie Posts: 141 Member
    i love hard boiled eggs and yogurt (not combined, separately lol)
  • lisamarie327
    lisamarie327 Posts: 77 Member
    fiber one brownies. noms.
  • AliceKlaar
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    It might sound a bit odd, but a cup of black tea with lemon juice and Stevia added to taste seems to hit the spot for me :-)
  • Superbritt2drescu
    Superbritt2drescu Posts: 273 Member
    Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares (usually the milk chocolate and carmel flavor, though sometimes its the dark chocolate and mint)