Game: Urban Dictionary. com says my NAME means.....



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    A sexy beast, good with the ladies and with an 8 inch wang

    nailed it \m/
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    Someone who has a great zest for life, always remain calm and collected and are able to be in control of situations. Has an unprecedented sense of humor. It is rare to cheer everybody up in different situations, yet she always manages to do it. Moreover, she is the life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable. She is not quick-tempered, in fact deep down, she is really an amiable person. Lisa has a very unpredictable lifestyle, for this reason she spends a lot of time exercising. Intelligent and very focused. Strong set of character, which makes her stands out from the rest. Never one who gives up. Extremely beautiful. Great lover.
  • I cant get on Urdan Dictionary at work so can someone do it for me?! lol

    I would post yours for you, but the first is very inappropriate. :laugh:

    .... and the second is very racist.

    Here is number 3


    Dillan is an amazing boy!! Hes soo hot wicked sexy a small hunk! Sometimes known as a player but only the right girl for him can turn him around. And when dillan finds that girl just know dont let her go cuz there will never be another one like her. Dillan is a funny guy. Athletic and is in shape. He has a sexy body and hes super nice! When you really get to know him you fall in love with him! Hes a great adorable cute loving guy.

    Becca: omg whos that??
    Carly: The one and only Dillan!!

    Becca: wow talk about i cutie
    Carly: ikr i just wanna like run over and hug his adorable face
    Becca: ik! Hes like a small hot baby
    Carly: yeah, weird but sexy
    Becca: that boy got swag and hottness
    Carly: talk about it, well sorry but hes mine *****
    Becca: no way i want him!
    Carly: it sucks to suck
    thanks.. what a name
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    a girl who makes the guys go crazy with her charm and sexappeal. she flirts extremely with them but never ends up hooking up unless she is in a relationship. not to be comfused with leah who ands up in bed with every guy.

    oh man i spend my whole night fliting with her but she was a lea so nothing happened.

    and then there's this

    Lea is a talker and a do-er. A problem-solver and a dreamer. Captivating and quirky. Late for everything but worth waiting for. Dedicated but never completely satisfied with the end result. Lea is missing a letter. Unfortunate if you add it to the word King. But has enough of a sense of humor to understand if you think it's funny.

    "How is it that you're late for everything and people still like you? You're such a Lea."

    Oh hai.
  • phoenix_59
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    dean is one of the best guys in the world. always smiling, laughing and making jokes. he always has the charm to make girls smile and is so worth having around. he's pretty sexy and loved by all who meet him. he is a sucker for girls and always goes all mushy and loveydovy for them but on the other had he can be a real tough nut. deans are always the best company and always make your day, even wen it was already the best day.
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    A sexy beast, good with the ladies and with an 8 inch wang

    nailed it \m/

  • DarthCeltic
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    A term used for a Sith Lord in the Star Wars Saga. When one becomes an apprentice of the Sith, he abandones his original name and takes a Sith name. The title Darth precedes the new name.

    Sith Lords from the Star Wars Saga:

    1. Darth Sidious (Master, Ep. I-VI)
    2. Darth Maul (Apprentice, Ep. I)
    3. Darth Tyranus (Apprentice, Ep. II-III)
    4. Darth Vader (Apprentice, Ep. III-VI)
    Vader (to Obi Wan): When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the Master.

    Obi Wan: Only a master of evil, Darth.
  • Sister_Someone
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    To be a Martine you must be absolutely Shmexay, number-one hottie of your school, help the compaign of bringing sexy back, sexy, beautiful, funny, hot, scorching, and of course be modest, the total opposite of being autumn

    Haha, love it!
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    A sexy beast, good with the ladies and with an 8 inch wang

    nailed it \m/

    omg hahahahha!!!!
  • teepeetim
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    MILF's are so Adrianne

    2. Adriane

    The most beautiful girl put on the earth. Everyone wants to bang her. None of you have ever seen an unattractive Adrianne! Adriannes' are also great in bed!

    Guy 1: Damn dude, you're dating Adrianne? You're so lucky, that ***** is fiiiine.
    Guy 2: Yeah. I get great pu*sy all night long.

    There's something to proud of ! haha
  • Vincentsz
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    To be fair for my wife Michelle

    A kind of girl superior to the rest; the smartest, most beautiful girls in the world are named Michelle, they all have amazing singing voices, and are the best at speaking French, and are excellent at Biology. Sometimes they might not think they are special, but it's a temporary mental disorder; all girls named Michelle are special, and are in fact destined for greatness


    Confident yet never conceited, this women will take you breath away. She is usually as loyal as they come, and to have her within your presence as a friend or lover is a privledge. I have never known a Michelle to let one down, to cause any problem, or do someone wrong. She is beautiful and amazingly smart.

    Also, to be with her in bed is beyond the imagination! Once you have a taste of her, nothing else will suffice. Her body is like an ocean of gold of which you will never want to give up. Worth more than gold itself, this girl is a keeper.

    And finally

    Michelle is simply the most incredible, amazing, wonderful creation that the universe will ever produce. She is unique and is obviously from another world
    Combine intelligence, humour, courage, toughness, sensitivity, creativity, perseverance, sensuality, honesty and wisdom with the biggest heart imaginable and that is Michelle!
    Her astounding physical loveliness is only eclipsed by the beauty that radiates from within her

    Add a laugh that infects the world and you know why Michelle stands alone among women.

    that's my girl!
  • Jerry

    A sexy beast, good with the ladies and with an 8 inch wang

    nailed it \m/

    ehem, friend request sent. :love:
  • LuckyAng
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    A sexy beast, good with the ladies and with an 8 inch wang

    nailed it \m/

    How did they know!?
  • Pollywog39
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    Let's see what they say about my name:

    Polly (or Pauline - my REAL name ;)

    WOWZER, me likee Polly!! All 3 are just perfect................
    :love: :love: :love: :love:

    1.) A person of extraordinary beauty.
    Used as a code word for a beautiful male or female.
    shortened 'oh my golly shes hot' to 'polly'.

    "Hi nice to meet you, you are polly. "
    "Did you see that polly? "
    "That girl is polly "

    2,) a fun-loving,somewhat short,sweet chick.
    She's super matchy with her clothing.She always smiles.
    She cares for people.=]
    She can be randomly hil-jarious.hehe.that's polly

    3.) A girl that is the most beautiful person you know.
    She's stunning, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, one of a kind, bubbly.
    You could write an essay on her! See more?

    Pauline is kinda cool, too :)
  • ERIN

    Erin is an extremely attractive young lady. She has super powers no other human could possibly fathom; She is more powerful than Chuck Norris. From her silky smooth hair to her perfectly sculpted feet, she is flawless. Erin can be described as almost any positive adjective. She attracts men all over the world for her charm and quick, flirty wit. If you are trying to date Erin, do not expect to get her without a fight. Erin is not a slut or hoe by any means, but she does know how to give a man what they want. Not only is Erin beautiful, she is caring and giving to people who are less fortunate than her. The model citizen is Erin and everyone should strive to be like her.

    Dustin: I'm changing my outlook on life. I want to be more like ERIN!
    Dustin's Mom: That's my little boy! The world could use more Erin's!!
    Dustin's Dad: Maybe your mom should try to be like Erin, then maybe I'd actually enjoy sex with her.

    :huh: More powerful than Church Norris? Hell yeah! :bigsmile:
    tee hee!!! I almost chose that one. I liked the Chuck Norris reference.

    That's why I chose this one! Haha! :laugh: Always gotta go with a Chuck Norris reference!
  • Zombielicious
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    1. Chris 68 up, 21 down

    2. Chris 11580 up, 4518 down
    A kid who is always up to party and have a good time

    Dude, I don't wanna go to that party unless Chris comes.

    3. Chris 6198 up, 2858 down
    The sweetest, most amazing guy to ever walk the face of the earth. The only guy to know just how to make me smile, even more, the only guy who will take the time to try.

    He always puts himself last, even when he knows he should worry about himself. He is selfless, and never selfish.

    He is quite possibly the closest to perfection one can get.

    Amazingly enough all of these are accurate....

    hmmm- none of the chris' i've ever met fit into this. LOL Good to know they're not all the same.

    ^^ hahaha, THIS!! I've never met a Chris that fit this either unfortuately...


    1) A country girl at heart, sweet, outgoing, the "it" girl. The guys love her and the girls want to be her. She is the girl everyone wants to be around. Party animal. Pretty. Great smile. Eyes that will drive you mad and a body that will drive you wild.

    Wish I was a Staci.
    Staci's are so perfect.

    2) Loyal, caring, sweet, intelliectual girl that builds friendships with almost anyone; Will give you the shirt off her back; loves anything that has to do with the beach, rain, shopping, and sports; She cries at the drop of a dime but she is also a thug; if you ever run into her make sure you never cross her because grudges are something she tends to hold.

    I would love to take someone like Staci out some day

    3) awesome chic, boy lover, energetic, popular, smart, funny, the total package
    her mom has it going on <-- I find this hilarious

    Woah!! She is awesome, she must be named Staci

    And the fourth one was wildly inappropriate, haha....

    Well, I'm not country and I don't really cry...but I can agree with these for the most part...especially being awesome and all.
  • MrDude_1
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    The most badass, awesome, tough, scary, insane, jealous, great, moody, loud, non-sensitive, sexually hungry beast.
    He is very caring for those close to him, but say one word to him and he will kick your ass.
    Don't mess with this mother fucker.
    "If you fuck with him he'll pull a Travis on you."
  • lombrica
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    Ummm... tooooooo funny! How different could these things be?!?

    Formal Name: Rebecca -

    1) Truly beautiful, both inside and out. She laughs a lot and is always there for you, willing to listen and help. Rebecca is someone everyone likes from the beginning. You just have to look at her and you know she's an interesting and friendly person. She's very determined to make the best of her life and is charmingly competitive at certain things. She's great fun to be around and always makes you feel happy.

    2) A caring, kind and friendly girl that you know will always stand by you. As soon as you meet her and hold a simple conversation you know that she is true and good. A strong and brave individual that has friends that will always stand by her because she is that type of person. Always thinks of others before herself and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is just an amazing person that doesn't deserve half the crap that has been done to her!!!!!!

    7) Rebecca is the name reserved only for the genuine and best women on earth. They are REALLY cute, beautiful, very smart, driven, have a wonderful and playful personality, and has this cute awkwardness about them. They are fun-loving, adventurous, silly, and always suspicious of everyone. It's hard to get close to a Rebecca at first because they choose their friends wisely and are very untrustworthy to everyone around them. This is a good thing though because if they talk to you, they really mean everything they say and are very straightfoward about their feelings towards someone. Rebeccas severely underestimate everything about themselves, so you need to constantly prove to them that they are much better than they think. They also can dance and sing and they will do anything they set their mind to(except driving). It's impossible to be actually mad at a rebecca, no matter what they do, because they are so loveable :) Rebeccas can be confusing sometimes and they can make people go crazy sometimes, but in the end, it turns out everything they do that makes you go crazy just makes you like them just that much more. They're much more than meets the eye.

    HOWEVER... If you look up what most people call me?

    Common Name - Becky

    3) According to Plies, "Becky" is referring to the act of *kitten*. Plies terms the act "Becky" because of the widely held notion and/or stereotype that Caucasian women are somewhat more sexually liberal in terms of frequency of encounters, random partnering, and overall lasciviousness. With "Becky" being a popular name given to females at birth in the White society, one can assume that Plies simply chose this name because of its unique association to "Whiteness", particularly where the female is concerned.

    REALLY?!?! Oh, well, it makes me laugh anyway! ;)
  • lniffa
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    The name of a girl who is very pretty and is so lovable that boys fall in love with her instantly.

    Dude: Yeah, I'm love with that chica.

    buy lisa mugs & shirts

    That was just awesome!!..haha
  • RavenhairedWoman
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    5. Brenna

    1. gaelic name given to a person of female gender; some claim it means 'raven' in gaelic. name for a girl, extremely hot. often has sexy straight hair, beautiful eyes. always fun to be around. has lots of friends who love her. great friend. brenna is very caring, always very protective of the ones she cares about. one who looks forward to the future, one who has a meaning in life. doesn't like to be put under pressure. though sometimes shy, a brenna also loves to be in the limelight. one who people envy; sometimes makes other girls mad. a brenna has a very cute laugh, has a nice *kitten*, killer body. a brenna is every guy's dream.

    2. one who drinks and dances in cages.

    3. a beautiful and amazing girl who is usually always out of your league.

    4. a very fun and awesome girl with a superhuman ability to wear and dance and do basically anything in shoes w/ a minimum heel of 5 in. (usually taller) for an unbelievably long amount of time, in any weather conditions.
    "my god, look at her shoes; what a rockstar. her name must be brenna"
    " hey look at that hot girl her name must be brenna"

    "dude, lets go to the club, there'll be lots of brenna's dancing tonight"

    "damn, she's a brenna, i don't have a chance."

    I am laughing so hard at these!