What do you refuse to give up?

I can't give up my morning coffee with flavored creamer (and I don't use sugar free/fat free either!). I do stick to 1 cup per day only though. And I can't give up my weekend full flavored brewsky, but I do limit to only one or two. My favorites are Guinness, Shock Top, Blue Moon, Youngs Double Chocolate Stout.


  • SideSteel
    SideSteel Posts: 11,068 Member
    I don't give up anything that I enjoy eating.
  • Meikmeika
    Meikmeika Posts: 108 Member
    Everything in moderation so I give up nothing.
  • shelbyfrootcake
    shelbyfrootcake Posts: 965 Member
    Many many things. Chocolate, cake, biscuits, bread, custard on puddings, Yorkshire puddings, butter. I've just try to have them infrequently. I'm failing at the chocolate bit though.

    I've given up meat, booze and caffeine, but those are personal challenges more than dietary decisions.
  • kykykenna
    kykykenna Posts: 656 Member
    I guess I havent given up anything....If I really want it, I have it. But that is the tricky part....do I REALLY want it???:wink:
  • Miss_dannii
    Miss_dannii Posts: 1,351 Member
    Coffee and alcohol.
  • beckydunks
    beckydunks Posts: 65 Member
    nothing for the past few weekends i've had alchohol, mcdonalds and far more food than usual!
    still only gained 1lb, which has now come off :)
  • coffee and red wine
  • dakotadawn93
    Coffee. Unfortunately, my coffee maker has just taken a poo on me and I can only get it at work so I make the best of it! It is really hard to give up sweets for me, but I haven't touched a single sweet in about a week or two.
  • poedunk65
    poedunk65 Posts: 1,336 Member
    Beer!!! But i just drink way less of it now. I could down a case by myself in the past. But even with the long weekend i have had only 4 beers and mich ultra at that, only 96 cals!
  • astrylian
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    I used to hit up the Chinese Food place down the street when i needed a pick-me-up. I never portioned out things- I can still easily eat the entire take-out container in one sitting, it's disgusting. I would eat the entire container in one go, before feeling disgusting and defeated and taking a nap. No more of that, I can make a much healthier alternative with veggies and shirataki noodles at home.
  • gsager
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    I refuse to give up anything. There's no reason to.
  • FireFae
    I can't give up chocolate, it's just impossible for me ... it's actually my 'medicine' on certain days of the month :laugh: It prevents me from biting off heads of random poor souls that might have, perhaps, looked at me weird :devil:

    I'm really not giving up anything ... just adding lots of exercise and trying to eat healthy in general.
  • McGruber03
    Beer!!! But i just drink way less of it now. I could down a case by myself in the past. But even with the long weekend i have had only 4 beers and mich ultra at that, only 96 cals!

    I know! I SOOO wish I liked Mich Ultra! I even tried the new flavored ones, but they just tasted like a watered down wine cooler :sad: That's when I decided I won't wasted my $$ on beer I don't like, I'll just drink 1 or 2 of the good stuff. Youngs Double Chocolate Stout is the bomb diggety, but it's like 206 calories per pint! Yikes!! I blame my husband for making me branch out with delicious beer! I used to be fine with $2.99 per six pack South Paw :drinker:
  • smsgreaves
    smsgreaves Posts: 57 Member
    Full fat cheese!! After trying LOADS of different 'light' cheeses it's just not worth saving the calories when you have to sacrifice the flavour.
  • NoMoreJellyRolls
    Chocolate Milk Shake cake =) soooooo freaking yummy! I refuse to give it up!
  • greyhoundbloke
    Alcohol - (wine, beer, cider). Any diet plan that involves giving up those is not sustainable for me. The really great thing about mfp is that it enables a lifestyle change by focusing on what you eat and making conscious decisions. I can offset the 200 calories of a pint against smaller meals in the day or more exercise. The one thing I have given up that has been a challenge is sugar - it's added to almost every prepared foodstuff.
  • Woodmangler
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    I refuse to give up on ME this time!
  • Lina4Lina
    Lina4Lina Posts: 712 Member
    I've given up many things or eat them very rarely. The things I've truly given up though, I just don't want to eat any more. I love nice, soft bread but it is hard to keep in my diet regularly so I have it once or twice a year. Chocolate is the only regular 'treat' I keep in my diet.
  • saragato
    saragato Posts: 1,154
    Chinese food and a select few fast food things. Moderation's key, mainly. I don't gorge and I make sure not everything is sodium-laden, and of course don't eat it every day.

    It's life, might as well enjoy it even if you're making a change for your health and waistline.
  • Tat2dDom624
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    I haven't given up anything. Now i just cut down on the portion size, and make sure i log it.