Balancing calories

How do you spread your calories throughout the day? Are calories split evenly between all meals or are some meals heavier calorie-wise than others? What is the best way to do it?

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  • catherine1979
    catherine1979 Posts: 704 Member
    I don't know what's best, but I try and keep breakfast around 300-400, lunch around 400-500, and supper around 400-500. That leaves me several hundred calories for snacks. And that's if I don't hit the gym. When I do hit the gym, I try and take my meals up to about 600 calories, especially dinner... it eliminates my desire to snack in the evenings.
  • lwest008
    lwest008 Posts: 26 Member
    It is best to try and spread your calories throughout the day through meals and snacks. If you can have 6 mini-meals a day, that is apparently the best way to do it - so for example 6 meals at 300cals each = 1800 cals, which is usually what I should eat on a workout day.

    I can't seem to eat mini-meals, so I usually have a 400 cal breakfast at 6:30am, 100 cal snack at 9:30am, 400 cal lunch at noon, 200 cal snack at 3:30pm, workout at 5:30 and a 500-600 cal dinner at 7pm. That usually is bang on for calories for the day so that I am eating my exercise cals. If its a rest day, I will eat a smaller dinner and my afternoon snack will only be 100cals.