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What to eat??

I hate posting about this because I know every person is different and has different tastes, but I am having a hard time at the grocery store. I don't know what to buy, I am trying to eat healthier but don't know which ingredients I should stay away from/ eat more of.

My food log is public, and you can read it if you want, but lately i haven't been eating very well.. I know that.

What I usually keep stocked at home (for work) is as follows:
Yoplait Yogurt
Unsalted Nuts- Peanuts/ Almonds/ Sunflower Seeds
Nutrigran Bars
Wheat Bread and Spreadable butter
Organic Peanut butter and Jelly
Jiff Hazelnut spread
Random lunch meats for sandwiches

I usually end up leaving home before I pack so I eat crappy food at work- small unhealthy stuff that never fills me up, so I end up eating a lot of it, and try to stop myself before I exeed my goal. Is 1200 calories enough? This website set it at that when I signed up..

Anyway, please help, let me know what foods you like to keep in your diet, in order to stay full and healthy. :)
I'd love to hear what you have to say.


  • PurpleCoyote
    PurpleCoyote Posts: 24 Member
    My first instinct would be to say check other people's diaries for ideas?

    I'll tell you what I do as I was at that point about 18 months ago. Find some great Food websites that suit you, I personally love the BBC Good Food website and that helps me a lot to get inspiration. I got a veg box delivered to me every week so that kick starts me as I have to plan meals around the veg I get, and that varies every week! Or I write everything that I make down in my diary and I highlight the really good ones, and ask my men (SO and DS) what their requests might be, this is usually only when I'm feeling particularly nice! :)

    Or start with a favourite meat or particular cuisine. When it's sunny I really crave Meditteranean type foods, so I check out Spanish, Italian and Greek recipes mainly for something exciting.

    It is hard to just walk into a grocery store and know what to buy, who gets hit with that kind of inspiration when they're being bombarded by flashing lights and canned music? I certainly don't. Once a week I sit down and plan my dinners for the week, and I include my leftovers for work in that too. Because I'm a skinflint :) I then write down everything I need for each meal, and hey presto! My shopping list.

    As to what ingredients you should eat/ stay away from? Well that depends what you want. Lots of people on here have different ideas about nutrition and all are equally valid, and all are varied and suited to each person. Vegetables, and plenty of them, are a common theme. Eat less processed foods, always a good start. My preference is get natural, make everything myself, have it taste yummy and have a varied diet. Apart from that, for me, everything goes! Make one change at a time. I started out by trying one new vegetable a month, which was an experience! Or try one new recipe a week. Soon enough you'll have millions (well maybe I exaggerate!) to choose from.

    Good luck and happy eating :)
  • princesskellie60
    princesskellie60 Posts: 11 Member
    Get a reuseable lunchbag and pack it at night before bed. If you cant think up a meal set aside a leftovers from dinner. Also your list of snacks was good just do a bag for work, use snack size baggies for portions and littlesnack cups for
    the hazelnutty stuff. READ labels and pack accordingly. You packing fresh foods is better than the bars, if you have to put a food together rather than than peel open and eat your mind is tricked. "You eat with yours eyes" is true, so a snackbar is like fast food. You will have to set some time to do this, but if you truley want it you 'll make it happen. I run a daycare and between dirty faces, crying, playing, diapers, etc and 6 meals a day, I'm to tired to think. I have a bag in the van with snacks for kids and one for me, a case of water for everyone. At home I eat the same as the kids or I should say we eat the same, no fried foods, candy. We make most of our meals together so the older kids can see what's in their meal. We make it fun. You need to make it fun for you if you make it a chore it will only be harder.