The Ultimate Pic Thread (Only Pictures)



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    You all look amazing!!
  • Awesome job everyone!!
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    WOW!! You guys look amazing! True inspirations from 1 lb to 100+ lbs each and every one of you have worked hard to lose weight and be healthy! This is why I love My Fitness Pal!!
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    It's HOT in here !
    reminded me that i can do it too
  • Everyone is doing a bang up job! I don't have a before and after picture, but I hope to have mine posted soon! Real soon! :wink:
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    Awesome result! everyone looks so healthy and younger!
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    holy ****

    this is the hottest transformation I have seen here the whole year!

    Totally agree.........WOW!!
  • wow - very nice results .... are all of you doing exercise and diet ... or only diet?:smile:
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    So much hard work has gone into these transformations. Congrats all :D
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  • This thread is the jam.

    My favorites are the ones where Before/After pics look literally like different people entirely. Also: girls who prove the "she'd be hot if she lost the weight" rule.


    Edit: I'm looking at YOU, chicky26, adini749, xlolitabandit, and especially kfitzpa!

    sup ladies?

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    wow - very nice results .... are all of you doing exercise and diet ... or only diet?:smile:
    Balanced diet and exercise here, more specifically, I run 2-3 times per week for 60 minutes, do eliptical 2-3 times per week for 60 minutes (so a total of 5 days of intense cardio) and I walk 1 day per week. I also lift every three days for an hour at a time. I really feel my body needs 72 hours to recover or else I wind up with injuries. With the running I had to start out slowly and I made alot of mistakes in the beginning...lots of knee injuries - knees couldn't handle all that weight pounding on my knees no matter how good my cardio felt so walking at a brisk pace 5 times a week would've been a better choice to start with...JMTC.
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    Good job.
    All the evidence can be seen on the tray you are holding !

    Wasn't all my food but lol yeah my eating habbits have changed a lot

    I'm pretty sure I have a crush on this guy.
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    I am 5'2 and in the first picture i was 242. I started my weightloss in April and have lost 53 pounds.


    you look fantastic!
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    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Chris Rock
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    Great job everyone! Amazing progress.
  • You look great!
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    Im down to my last week of Insanity! workouts
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