your favorite recreational exercise?



  • Bouldering. The ONLY exercise I like.

    unless it's the obvious, what is that?

    Indoor wall climbing without any ropes.

    EDIT: Can be done outdoors on actual rocks/boulders, but I'm neither that proficient or brave yet!

    oh, i was definitely picturing pushing around boulders heh

    Ditto :laugh:
  • BlisterLamb
    BlisterLamb Posts: 396 Member
    Biking, dancing, Stand Up paddle boarding, aikido. I do all of them because I enjoy them and the exercise is just and extra benefit.
  • MisterGoodBar
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  • 9thwardchick
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    Vigorous sex! I felt like I worked every muscle :bigsmile:
  • drmerc
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    underwater basket weaving
  • Mnm1983
    Mnm1983 Posts: 52 Member
    getting lost all around California on my bike :0)
  • Hitting people with a whip. And horizontal "dancing". (giggle)

    Which make me do arm workouts to build muscles and yoga to be toned, strong, and flexible, and give me a strong core for more enjoyment.
  • kealambert
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    it was only a matter of time that sex made it into the thread
  • Mrshunts
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  • aftergypsies
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    Frolf. (Frisbee golf)
  • Cliffslosinit
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  • BodyCombatGirl73
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    Downhill skiing and golf (walking the course and carrying/pulling bag is the ONLY way to go - hate if you play at a course and they make you take a cart). Would love to join a volleyball league for "old people", but haven't found one yet and I think Hubby would be upset because I already have my "regular" gym times! :grumble: Gotta pick and choose at this point!
  • it depends on my mood but basketball and swimming big time
  • Mountain Biking. I can burn through 1200 calories in just over an hour. Plus lots of parks have trails join a club from a bike shop to get riding friends that will push/ motivate you.
  • Sarah_Wins
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    Does sex count?
  • kealambert
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    Does sex count?

    if done correctly
  • Dub_D
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  • lunatikchik
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    Tennis, but i can't find a willing opponent anymore
  • clover5
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    The most fun is skiing. But truly, I like everything.
  • creech6317
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    Hiking and walking in the hills.
    Climbing on the rocks at the beach.