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Newbie looking for motivational buddies!


I'm Holly, 22, a carer from Brighton. I have been using this site for 2 weeks now and just getting into the swing of it! Would love some friends on my feed to encourage and to encourage me and also to get some hints and tips from as I'm not very good at motivating myself or eating healthily tbh.

I have about 2 stone to loose, ideally within the year (as in 12 months time not by December lol)

Hope to hear from someone!!! lol



  • RobertCu
    RobertCu Posts: 33 Member
    2 stones? Is that like 2 diamonds? HAHA We'll give you motivation. I also have kids too.
  • holdthis
    holdthis Posts: 28 Member
    :happy: Hi I have been logging for about 3 weeks now and I have a long way to go!
  • kiangel
    kiangel Posts: 246 Member
    Good luck :smile:
  • Roshellexo
    Roshellexo Posts: 60 Member
    Started properly today :) Been jogging twice this week and joining the gym tomorrow!
    Any adds are welcome for motivation.
  • AliMariesDad
    Welcome! I'd be glad to help. Friend request sent.
  • hjs771
    Thanks everyone! Really great to hear from people and chat to others in the same boat :)

    Wishing everyone luck in your weight loss journeys hope to keep up with you!
  • SkinnyMini1416
    Hi, Im in my first week Ive just come on the message boards, I want to lose around a stone and half, I also have children, I'll add you we can give each other a boost when we want to reach for the biscuit tin : )
  • ccelske
    ccelske Posts: 8 Member
    Hey you! ^_^ I'm looking for buddies as well and I'm also 22, like you I'm not great at anything like that either! However I can help you the best I can by being there, making suggestions from what I know and I'd love to hear yours. Funny how people can never take their own advice but we love it from others.

    Already my first day here and I'm looking around, posting and going health crazy. Anyways, hope to chat soon and help you out. Don't leave the site! FIRST TIP hahaha, keep with this and up with all of us that chat and help you. <3
  • Absonthebrain
    Absonthebrain Posts: 587 Member
    Hey Holly
    I'm also looking for buddies for help with motivation and diet and exercise help. I actually started working light jogging and watching what I eat as of july 2011 and once I reached my weight goal I decided to try weightlifting. I really love weight lifting and cardio and preparing healthy meal for me and my family. I have 2 kids boy and girl and I am married.
  • Gemenemelem
    Gemenemelem Posts: 10 Member
    ANyone feel free to add me too, the more motivation the better and good luck :0) x
  • Magicbugz
    Just started today - feeling nervous, was recommended by a friend and I was gobsmacked when I entered in my food diary of exactly what I was eating... just waiting for my new exercise bike and hopefully I can start burning this off properly.

    (Wiltshire area)
  • jmeyer925
    jmeyer925 Posts: 326 Member
    Welcome to the site! You can do it! Hope you meet lots of new friends :heart:
  • Btskinny
    Btskinny Posts: 9 Member
    I just started properly logging again about a week ago. I'm glad you are asking for motivation because I need it too. I want to lose about 60 lbs and keep it off. WE can help each other.
  • kit8806
    kit8806 Posts: 222 Member
    Hi!! :) Welcome to MFP! :) Anyone can feel free to add me! I love trying to motivate, and getting motivation in return is a plus ;) Good luck to everyone!!
  • Marathon_Maniac
    Marathon_Maniac Posts: 10 Member
    You got this girl!

    I started out about 18 stone 12pounds (264 in total) and so far I've lost 2 stone 8 pounds... my goal is to lose 7 Stone in total or about 100 pounds.

    Look its tough but I'm here to help as well as the people who commented above!
  • HealthylivingTIG
    HealthylivingTIG Posts: 174 Member
    Add me.
  • SheilaN1976
    SheilaN1976 Posts: 266 Member
    welcome! i am on day 3! and am also looking for friends to keep my motivated that is one of my biggest downfalls. feel free to add me!