West coast people?!



  • Rogiefreida
    Rogiefreida Posts: 567 Member
    Me! I'm west coast! Just north of Seattle in the smallish town of Lake Stevens.
  • Diane_58
    Diane_58 Posts: 23 Member
    Spokane, WA. I've noticed the same effect. I'm wrapping up my exercise and my last little snack long after some of my friends are in bed. But ... I have a few East Coasters who are sometimes up surprisingly late.
  • Elyssa_38
    Elyssa_38 Posts: 36 Member
    SoCal right hereee!! Inland Empire/Orange County!!! \o/
  • beejelblor
    beejelblor Posts: 123 Member
    San Francisco here!!! I am still at work when everyone seems to complete their food diary for the day. If you want new friends in your time zone feel free to add me, we can be up at the same time to congrats each other for days well done :)
  • veggiehottie
    veggiehottie Posts: 590 Member
    Seems us East Coasters are alot fatter than you Left Coasters. LOL

    Ha ha ha!
  • L.A.!!
  • markymarrkk
    markymarrkk Posts: 495 Member
    Holler back So Cal !!! I fcckshttup
  • CanuckLove
    CanuckLove Posts: 673 Member
    Victoria BC!
  • Biggest little city in the world! :)
  • Feisty_Red
    Feisty_Red Posts: 982 Member
    I knew we were out there somewhere! woot :)!!
  • FitFlipRunner
    FitFlipRunner Posts: 66 Member
    SF bay area here!!! Add me if you like!!!
  • leia009
    leia009 Posts: 9 Member
    I'm from the Portland area.
  • leia009
    leia009 Posts: 9 Member
    Portland, OR yo!

    Is the dream of the 90's really still alive there?

    Yes, and the dream of the 1890's, too.
  • pinkfluff79
    pinkfluff79 Posts: 32 Member
    California. Add me if you want :)
  • atulas
    atulas Posts: 23 Member
    The OC!
  • Tina2Cats
    Tina2Cats Posts: 493 Member
    Oceanside, CA
    add me if you like
  • pinkfluff79
    pinkfluff79 Posts: 32 Member
    I need some west coast people who can keep me motivated to stay on track. All my friends live in different time zones and we are missing each others post. Need to stay on track. Please add me :wink:
  • sisyoli
    sisyoli Posts: 11 Member
    Add me...I will encourage you....and you can encourage me...down over here in Sutter county.
  • Orange County, CA here. I've noticed that too. I swear sometimes I'm still rolling at work and I see someone completing their food diary then *poof* everyone is gone for the day!
    We're practically neighbors, I live right next to Long Beach and I agree, seems a little odd at times to see people completing their food diaries and I haven't decided what to have for dinner.
  • Meridian, ID. :) I know exactly what you mean. Add me if you'd like!