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Hi there can some one tell me if I am calculating this correctly-are you supposed to eat all the calories after you add calories from excersizing? I'm using the bodybugg is how I'm calculating my calories burned all day to include exercise-however I feel like I have a TON of calories to eat? Please anyhelp especially those if you using a bodybugg. Tia;-)
I just have opened my diary for everyone so you can look at the ridiculos amounts of calories I'm talking about. Also I should note that I wear my bodybugg on my calve just because it more comfortable. Again thanks


  • I'm having the same problem. Need more calories because of exercise and not even hungry. I also would like to know what is a good source of carbs without adding protein as well. My protein is high and carbs low.
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    I've never used a BodyBugg but if I explain how I do things, maybe it will help you in some way.

    I don't have a heart rate monitor, but have found the calorie estimates on this site are pretty close to the app I use for tracking my walk (RunKeeper). I set my MFP profile up with myself listed as sedentary because my workouts are really sporadic and varied. Whenever I have a workout, then, I log it as exercise and I eat most of those calories back, unless I'm just not that hungry. If I had listed myself as lightly active, I would NOT log my exercise calories, because I would already be including them in my daily total.

    You may need to pick a way to do things and use that method for a month, then adjust if it doesn't seem to be getting you the results you'd expect.
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    If your calorie goal is low enough to help you lose weight before factoring in any exercising, then you can eat all your exercise calories back. On the other hand, if your calorie goal already assumes that you're exercising every day, then don't eat those calories back.
  • Here's how I do it. I log all the calories I eat for one day. Then at the end of the day, I enter the calories I burned from exercising.

    Since you use a bodybugg, just write down the total calories burned for the entire day. Here's the tip - bare minimum is 1200 calories a day. If you go under that, you're starving your body.
    How many calories are you eating a day?
    How many calories are you burning for the day in your bodybugg?

    I used to have a bodybugg years ago. I've been using a heartrate monitor since then to track the calories burned exercising, and MFP to log the food that I ate.

    Great source of carbs over protein? Most of the nutrition bars, especially the fiber one oats and chocolate bar, have 29g of carbs per bar and only 2g of protein. My question to you is this, what is your goal?

    If you want a natural source of carbs over protein, oatmeal. 1/2 cup of oatmeal has 27g of carbs and 5g of protein.

    My recommendation is do your research - natural foods vs processed foods. Which will deliver better results? People choose the processed foods because its "cheaper". But overall for the long-term results, go with natural whole foods. People will complain "its expensive". Well, look at what's important - getting results, or taking the cheaper way out.

    Find out what is improtant to you.
    Do your research.
    Then the results of your research will help you choose the foods to eat.

    Good luck!! If you have any questions, send me a message. I've been doing this for 5 years. :)
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    Thanks ..I still have a few questions-when I created this account I stated that I was not active at all but that I wojkd work out for 40 min 4-5 days a again do I eat those or not? Tia
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    if you use bodybugg, then just eat a deficit from the number it gives you. No need to itemize exercise calories.
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    I looked at your diary and it really seems like an awful lot of calories for the day. I would maybe go a different route and eat my BMR calories for the day and see if I was still hungry after that... I think we have a BMR calculator under tools. I don't have a bodybug but I only eat half of my exercise calories back since I think they are a little inflated on this site. Hope this helps ..Gabi
  • Thank you!
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    What did you do to burn almost 4000 calories today? It looks as if you want to lose over 100 pounds. Stick with the minimum calories they suggested, then only count real cardio exercise, that increases your heartrate. If you get too hungry, increase your calories a bit, but unless you are running for hours a day, or doing heavy lifting like pro bodybuilders, you do not need to eat 5500 calories a day.
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    If you use sedentary for your activity level MFP does not calculate exercise in , until you do it manually on that day..
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    I used a bodybugg for a while...the bugg includes ALL of your calories for the day. MFP also gives you a number that would be INCLUDED in your daily number for the bodybugg. So I'm wondering if you are using MFP to give you a number for the day of what you should be eating, plus adding in EVERYTHING from the bodybugg. You should take the bodybugg number for the day (perhaps its 3500) and create a deficit from there. You can't add the 2 numbers together - you'll be overestimating your calorie goal for the day. Hope that makes sense :)
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    Some friends of mine and I have been researching this today. I dont use the Bodybug so I will tell you how you can do this by this site from what I learned. Go to tools and calculate your BMR. The cals MFP tells you to eat daily is the amount subtracted from your BMR (amt of cals you need just to BE) so you can lose your goal amount weekly. Now.......they say you SHOULD eat your exercise cals back b/c if you dont you will create a deficit and your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to every cal you eat b/c it thinks its starving. What I found today is there is basically a 1000 cal difference everyone individually can play with to see how low they can go without going into starvation mode. They say a guideline is 1000 under your BMR (NOT your MFP goal cals). Hope that makes sense!! I wouldnt go that low tho I dont think. I know for me anyway, if I do that........I actually gain b/c my body isnt happy!