The Power of Anyway



  • Nix143
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    Thank you so much or sharing.

    And thank you for sharing on here - you would go down a storm out in Blogland - I'd be cut and pasting all my posts and sticking them on a blog to share with others on their journey if I was you. But that's just my own attention wh*re tendencies coming out ;)
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    Thank you!
  • DryHeet
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    Very well told! Thank you!
  • EnchantedEvening
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    That's awesome. I love walking in the rain. :)

    Your wife sounds like a wonderful lady. What do you two have planned for your 25th anniversary?
  • TheFinalThird
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    Planned? Just kidding!!! Mrs. Third gets on here from time to time, so if it's ok, I'd rather not say. ;-)
  • NHLeah
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    Very touching. Keep up the good work. You should check into and publish a collection of your journey. You are very talented.
  • MewShy
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    Lovely just lovely and thanks for sharing. You write so well, yes you should write a book!!
  • suebdew
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    My motivation for the day! Great story.:happy:
  • you SIR have the heart of a champion and a poet!
  • ashleen7
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    Great story as usual! I call dibs on a signed copy of the book you will HAVE to publish!:happy:
  • vestarocks
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    What a lovely story. Some of my best memories with my husband involve playing in the rain. When you live where we do you learn to play in the rain often.
  • EnchantedEvening
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    Planned? Just kidding!!! Mrs. Third gets on here from time to time, so if it's ok, I'd rather not say. ;-)
    I understand. :)
  • wendyjane75
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    That's a sweet story....but also a great lesson to take away. We got caught in a few torrential downpours on our walks in Tampa too; it must be a Gulf Coast thing. Your wife sounds AWESOME - what a great support!
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    Life's sweetest moments are those unexpected gems. Thanks for a great start to the day.
  • Jkc9059
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    Mr. Third I have to say you are an excellent story teller!! I find you motivating, sweet, sincere, and funny. I wish you luck with your journey and if you need any more friends please add me. Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman. I wish you and she many more blessed years of happiness, and rain soaked kisses!
  • redheaddee
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    That brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely moment, and thank you for sharing.
  • Scubanana7
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    Absolutely loved the story. When you started describing the weather, it was beginning to feel eerily familiar.....Baytown gal, myself. I would like to be friends so I can read more of your postings. I am happily married to a 'Heights" guy! I enjoyed your narrative so much! You and your wife are lucky people and you are doing an amazing job on your journey to health!
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    You brought a tear to my eye at the end.

    You write incredibly well.
  • walkb4
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    'Do it anyway' - I hope you don't mind, but I love repeating this motto! Thanks for the inspiring story.