Please help support me?

Hi, guys. I've gone down from 220 pounds to 155 over and 11 month period.My goal weight is 105 pounds (I'm 5 foot 2) I'm semi-

new to MFP, but I was wrong about not needing the community here. I've had a lot of ups and downs concerning my unhealthy

relationship with food. It's either feast or famine for me, and I tend to over-exercise. I am involved in sports (soccer) but 1 week ago,

I sprained my ACL. I cannot play soccer, let alone exercise...and I'm FREAKING out...I really do not want to gain weight, and I still

want to lose! I'm using crutches and my arms already feel sore!!! The thing is, I'm so depressed. I can't really do anything or go

anywhere, and I've been eating horribly, and feeling horrible because I can't burn it off! Please help me...I feel like I'm losing my mind :sad: .


  • ndearing0501
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    Can you try swimming? It's supposed to be light on the body but a great full body workout. People who injure themselves usually do swimming so they can continue working out. You could try weight training to in the mean time. Sit on the couh watching your favorite fall shows and pump some iron in the mean time.
    If you're worried about gaining weight, just remember to maintain a healthy diet. It's 80% diet 20% exercise. Eat clean and lean and you will have no problems! Hope you feel better!
  • Hi,
    I found this link that has suggestions on exercises you can do while injured. Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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    Remember don't focus so much on what you can not to but on what you still can. Be creative in your exercises and what you can use as weights. Working out or not it's about healthy calories in. Track your calorie intake, get some supportive and motivating MFP buddies to support, motivate and cheer you on. Get better soon & good luck.
  • I totally feel you! Girl don't you worry!