Feeling Blue - Any suggestions on how to feel better?

Hi Everyone;

I've been feeling a bit blue the past several days. I'm not sure exactly why, but I do have down moments every now and then. Usually, I can snap right out of it the next day and move forward. This time, I can't. What do you all do to make yourselves feel better when you're having a 'down' moment? I'm open to any and all suggestions!




  • mock743
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    When I am down it helps me to hang out with my friends and just laugh about nothing and everything at the same time. I really enjoy my time with others.:happy:
  • gabi_ele
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    I do something nice for someone else, play my favorite music and dance around the kitchen, spend time with my friends and I count my blessings... and sometimes I do it all at once ...(glad I live in the country and no one can see me) :)
  • anifani4
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    Watch a funny movie. Make a gratitude list. Put on music and dance. Go for a walk in the fresh air and admire creation. See if there is any connection to the date? eg: anniversary of something sad. Knowing the cause may help to dispel the blue mood.
  • jeffreyjording
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    Exercise, Exercise, Exercise, then more Exercise :-)
  • xiamjackie
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    I was feeling really down the other day too, especially about my weight, and my mom sent me the perfect email. It was a chain of like 20 inspiring photos that really make you feel thankful for what you have. I would suggest looking something like that up online like "20 uplifting photos" or something like that. They were all really touching images like a man giving up his shoes for another man who grew up in a third world country, a woman holding an umbrella over a homeless man in the pouring rain, etc. Looking at those images really put into perspective my silly blues and made me realize I should be happy with what I have.
  • Lyssa62
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    I'm all about a walk to feel better. And a funny movie can't hurt :)
  • hellohappylisa
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    I'll never forget, way back in 8th grade or so, I had a little mini depression, it probably lasted a good three months. One day I just woke up and thought to myself, "I need to cry." So I loaded up every sad movie I had and balled my eyes out. And I was good after that.

    When I just have little down moments now, I turn on music, play my favorite video game, go for a walk etc. Kinda depends on my mood.
  • utahgirl247
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    "when you're blue, find something to DO for somebody who may be sadder than you" service to others is a great way to help 'snap out' of the blues. i also find that music helps too. get your ipod, walking shoes and a bottle of water and go to a favorite park or walking path or even your own neighborhood and walk away the blues.

    hope you feel better soon. i think we can all relate to what you are going through.
  • bellstalker
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    Go to your local 'pound' or animal rescue and take a dog for a walk...You can tell the dog anything and they won't tell you to 'get over it' after that you will feel better!! Good luck & I hope you feel better already.
  • Chocolate.
  • Music always helps me
  • djc315
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    Go to your local 'pound' or animal rescue and take a dog for a walk...You can tell the dog anything and they won't tell you to 'get over it' after that you will feel better!! Good luck & I hope you feel better already.

    I love this. I was going to say I have been finding going for a walk really clears my head. But this? Is just extra special. Not only is it helping you, but it is also helping that dog.
  • utahgirl247
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    Here is a great article on 'walking your blues away' see if something like this would help.

  • CassieReannan
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    Inspiring pictures/quotes.. going out for a walk..
  • ritoosh
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    yoga...go out with friends...or just sulk until u get out of it if all else fails
  • victoriadw84
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    I turn on songs that really reach out to how I am feeling and sing them at the top of my lungs! I feel like I am shouting out my true feelings, almost like a form of therapy.
    Other times I have taken my dog to our local dog park and seeing all the dogs (like the humane society suggestion) makes me feel happy. They have such a wonderful energy about them and they are all so silly.
  • If you have a significant other, perhaps this is the time to ask for a hug, or you can clean house; that's what my mother does.
  • StarLeopard
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    I've noticed my moods have evened out a lot on fewer carbs. If I do feel discouraged then exercise is the quickest way out. Not always easy to do but it does usually work.
  • Keeping busy is always best. But if you are constantly depressed may see a therapist it may be more serious. A neutral person is always good. I have always suffered from depression and I take Lexapro and I feel so much better. I have my life back. I also see a therapist which helps through the bad days. I go to my local Youth Center which offers counseling for free and/or for scale depending on your salary. Hope you feel better. Remember the best therapy is to love yourself and keep busy and talk to friends. :flowerforyou:
  • iambuttercup
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    Think of something in the past that made you feel happy, on top of the world.
    Tony Robbins has a good example of how to change state of mind, watch it here: