Pished off.



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    Get supplements...
  • bikinibeliever
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    Id it just regular anemia or is it pernicious anemia? If it's the pernicious variety you diet has nothing to do with it. Your body can't absorb the B (think B12 but might be all) vitamins. Will you have to get the shots for it?
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    Oh Mondays. Not to minimize what you're going through but I notice that for about the first 3 hours of Monday morning I am basically in a subclinical depression as the body/mind shock from going from weekend to Monday mode is in full-force. I totally get the feeling down and what's the point. I think that's natural, and like all thoughts and feelings, it fades. I try to remember that when I'm feeling esp. blah, or like every Monday morning, convinced that the blah feeling is permanent.
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    Meh, it's a Monday. It happens.

    You'll feel better if you go to your class and you probably know that. At least go and try.

    We all have our ups and downs.
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    Not sure if you think you're anemic or that you've been tested and know you're anemic. There is 2 different types only one has to do with iron the other is a B vitamin. Feeling tired/lethargic can be related to other things as well: not enough quality sleep, a VLCD, expending to much energy for the amount of calories taken in, a diet high in sugars (even natural ones), not enough protein, not enough fats, and many other GI issues I won't bother to go into.
    If you are feeling tired/lethargic most days, go get tested, don't guess!
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    If you need the B12 shots to help with the iron retention, you may just be lucky as they can assist with weight loss. You wont feel miserable then............
  • That was me yesterday... Don't give in... You'll regret it! Keep pushing through and thinking about the results you'll achieve if you keep pushing.
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    Anemia is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay common among teenagers and 20-somethings, especially girls (myself included). And if the diet change is recent, maybe your body hasn't caught up yet anyway? Don't stress about it, you'll be fine.
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    I feel like a right grumpy git now reading back on this.

    Went to Muay Thai and am feeling a hundred thousand million times better, thanks all of you for your support regardless. I only found out I'm loooooooow on my iron because I was supposed to give blood today and got turned away because my levels are super depleted. I'd say it's mainly down to TOTM and exercising my butt off lately, so it'll level out.

    I could do without the, "I see you're feeling great today, let me change that" surprise blues every now and then though. It's like depression puts on its little party hat and explodes into my life with confetti and grey streamers just to pish all over my day. The b*****d.

    I'll get some supplements tomorrow and look into the B12 shots. Got an appt with the Doc coming up so they'll (hopefully) set things straight and I'll stop turning into the Incredible Sulk every twenty minutes.