Today it's 3 months until xmas! 20lb challenge anyone?



  • pawheeler1
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  • FitToFifty
    FitToFifty Posts: 164 Member
    YES YES YES!! My first mini goal is 180. My FITBIT told me the other day that I need to get my butt moving and I could reach it on DECEMBER 25, 2012. That was a reality check!

    CW: 207
    20#: 187

    I think I could get those last 7!!
  • MrGarciasWifey
    I'm in.

  • missymoga
    missymoga Posts: 217 Member
    I'm in!

    CW: 171

    Christmas GW: 150
  • chrissylovescj
    chrissylovescj Posts: 117 Member
    Oooo oooo can I play?!!!

    I challenged myself to this same exact goal last year around this time and FAILED but NOT this time baby!! I'm tired of my 17yr son (a varsity XC runner) telling me how "SLAW" (slang word for lazy & weak) I am. He even told me last night as I was tempted to have a peice of cake "that's why I have no faith in you because you have no will power." Ugh...I can do this!!!

    CW 208 (at last weigh in-will weigh again on Friday)
    GW 188 (I would LOVE, LOVE to see that number again)

    Bells will be RINGING...the GLAD GLAD news....:tongue:
  • Kendra0024
    Kendra0024 Posts: 56 Member
    I'm in...

    CW: 272.4
    GW: 252.4
  • KBoddu
    KBoddu Posts: 237 Member
    I'm in!

    CW: 287

    GW for challenge: 267
  • VeeJon
    Yes count me in....I have been stagnant as well.....
    Current: 237
    Goal: 217
  • Lacyleffel
    Lacyleffel Posts: 8 Member
    I am in

    Today 340lbs

    Xmas goal 320lbs
  • jeddy3mcc
    jeddy3mcc Posts: 177 Member
    Lets see if we can get in the ones!!!

    CW: 219.1

    GW: 199.1
  • Snowbunny95
    Snowbunny95 Posts: 47 Member
    Sounds like a plan!

    CW: 186.6
    GW: 166.6

    Only 1.6 off my first goal, so if by Christmas that would be awesome - might even be able to fit back into my skinny Spyder pants by then!!!
  • Caitlin42490
    sounds perfect!

    CW: 192

    Goal: 172

    We can do it!!
  • kimmvpt
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    Actually want to lose 34 more lbs...current weight 244 so would like to be 210 by end of year. I plan on eatting 1500-1300 calories and burn no less than 1000 calories a day. I do weights 2 times week with cardio...Auqua class 3 times week...strength training every sunday....I walk min hour every day with min pace 3.5 with hills. Going to be really hard but working on it :) I have lost 56 total this year would like to end it at 90 lbs loss and my ideal weight target reaching point for June 2013 but first focus on 34Lbs for this year.:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • caitorton
    Count me in! I'll still have a few to lose after that, but this sounds great!

    CW: 177
    GW: 157
  • karlacarman
    karlacarman Posts: 6 Member
    Count me in!!! This is great as I've been struggling to stay motivated!

    CW: 226.4
    GW: 206.4
  • MrsNika
    This will be PERFECT! I need to be under 200lbs by Jan. 6 which will be my 35th Birthday!


    Shrot term GW: 199 or lower by Jan 6

    Long term GW: 165
  • ABrideToBE
    ABrideToBE Posts: 94 Member
    Oooohhhh, you're on!!!

    CW 145
    GW 125

    This is great, 125 is really my goal. So if you all think 20 lbs is possible, I AM IN!!
  • ltoro
    ltoro Posts: 10 Member
    Good Idea I will try it.

    current 160
    Goal 140
  • kr1stadee
    kr1stadee Posts: 1,774 Member
    Count me in!!

    I just got disgustingly excited at the thought of being under 190 by Christmas!! hahaha

    CW - 208
    Christmas - 188!!

    WHEN I do this, I'll be down 32 freaking pounds!! lol
  • Jessicasek
    I'm in not sure how this works

    current 230.4
    christmas 210.4