Today it's 3 months until xmas! 20lb challenge anyone?



  • I'm in...
    CW: 170
    Christmas goal: 150
  • Start: 162
    Goal by december: 142.

    20 pounds will be Santa's gift to me.
  • I'm in, this is my first time on the site, help me
  • Let do it!


    Down 37 pounds all ready so i'm excited to see where I will be come Christmas time! Lets get healthy
  • Everyone please sign in to the group
  • This is a great goal. I need a challenge right now.

    CW 215
    GW (For this challenge) 195
  • kajunangel21
    kajunangel21 Posts: 1 Member
    I am in !!!!!!

    cw: 191
    gw: 171

    trying to get back on the wagon, and this should help!!!!!
  • bhoffe01
    bhoffe01 Posts: 15 Member
    yes yes and yes!!
  • jenn_chap
    jenn_chap Posts: 7 Member
    I would like in!

    CW: 171.5
    Christmas Goal: 151.5
  • :bigsmile: Count me in.....

    cw: 180
    christmas 160
  • oneakaqt
    oneakaqt Posts: 14 Member
    I am so ready for the challenge. When I saw your post I said "Yes, someone with the same goal!" I am motivated and ready to go. We can do this!
  • BruhManFif
    BruhManFif Posts: 136 Member
    I'm in.

    CW: 280.8
    GW: 260.8

    I'm hoping to surpass the goal (I'm just starting out so I'm sure I will probably drop a good amount of weight in the beginning). But if I reach my goal I will be incredibly happy. No, WHEN I reach my goal :bigsmile:
  • lucey928
    lucey928 Posts: 17 Member
    I think it is do able! Yeah how exciting....

    CW: 205
    GW: 185
  • shirazz85
    shirazz85 Posts: 4 Member
    Sounds like a plan! :happy:

    CW - 301
    GW - 280 (i'll work extra hard for the extra 1 lb!)

    I really want to do this!!! I would love to be noticably slimmer at Christmas!
  • jllove871
    jllove871 Posts: 84 Member
    Thats a lot, but okay Im up for a challenge! 159 by christmas!
  • rqlinzer
    rqlinzer Posts: 9 Member
    I'm in!!!.

    CW: 260
    XMas W: 240

    I'm in a wedding 12/30, so this should really motivate me!!
  • lucey928
    lucey928 Posts: 17 Member
    this is my exact goal keep me posted! Good Luck!
  • laurasnyder411
    laurasnyder411 Posts: 172 Member
    I want in! I've never done a group thing. Hopefully I can figure out how to not lose this thread! If anyone wants to explain to me....=)

    CW: 157
    GW: 137

    Yay yay yay! So excited!
  • I'm in! It will help me to get serious & crack down on what I put in my mouth!! I've only been half-way serious but really need to just do it!

    Current weight-216
    Christmas weight-196
  • I'm in! That would be so awesome!