Anyone is San Antonio, TX?



  • AllanMisner
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    I live in schertz, my husband works at fort Sam Houston
    If anyone wants to add me I'd love a workout buddy :)

    Rescued a dead thread, huh? This caught my eye, I'll be driving through on my way to points south and may be staying in San Antonio on Tuesday night.
  • mcsassy
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    I'm in San Antonio. I'm starting a home gym and have a membership with planet fitness. I would love to find a gym buddy!
  • I have lived in San Antonio my whole life and wouldn't have it any other way. I think you'll enjoy the theme parks for your baby and yourself to enjoy. Yes the weather is hot and humid but the people are nice and friendly. Around what area will you be moving to? Do you know?
  • CarrieAnne22
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    Born & raised! Feel free to add me :flowerforyou: A girl can never have to many friends. :wink:
  • CarrieAnne22
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    I live in San Antonio (Cibolo actually). We (my family and I) just moved here in December. We lived in Biloxi for 12 yrs before this. I miss the water. Can't wait to take a trip to Corpus Christi. It's nice here. Busier than I'm used to and definately more traffic. However, there is lots to do here. Friend me if you want to.

    I'm in Cibolo, too. Whereabouts? I live in Northcliffe, work in SA. Maybe we could get together for walks & the likes :smile:
  • Mandykinz2008
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    I'm in San Antonio!! Born and raised :D Any San Antonians feel free to add!
  • Jellyphant
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    I'm up in Austin, TX. About a 3 hour drive from SA. :)
  • Scarlett_S
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    I am in San Antonio. Went to high school here, moved away for college, then work, and came back - have been back twelve years now. I love it here. The cost of living is great and I hate the cold, so its perfect for me. I work out at Planet Fitness and live and work on the Northeast side of town. Please feel free to add me.
  • MissKim
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    I'm suprised to see this thread come back! I've been here six months now. I am liking it, but still don't have many friends. and it's about to get worse b/c my fiance is going to be working some nights and weekends :( So feel free to add me!
  • iffy28
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    Helllloooooo San Antonio! I've just moved here and hoping to find fitness minded folks to hang out with!
  • Ltrautman80
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    I live in San Antonio. Over by Sea World.
  • I live in San Antonio :)
  • avir8
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    San Antonio isn't to far away.Its a great city and has so many things to do.
    Lies!!!!! There's not much to do here, you have to go outside of the city to do anything: wine tasting-Fredericksburg, water park-Schlitterbahn-New Braunfels, mud runs-outside of Austin, Skydiving and mass outlet shopping- San Marcos. but you have a familly so you won't need go out much. good luck
  • im in helotes...looking for friends here since i am new to the area .... add me if you want
  • letsgethealthy
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    I live in a small town just south of SA, in Pleasanton. Add me if you wish. I'd like to start a group for us that live around SA for extra challenges, support and meetups.
  • sounds good ... I am west of san antonio but like u I just moved here this summer
  • I live just north of SA, feel free to add me anyone! :flowerforyou:
  • Danny_Boy13
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    I don't live in SA but I live just north in Austin. SA is a great town. If you are coming from small town AL then it could be a culture shock but for the most part people are friendly in most of the state. If you are ever interested in taking a trip up to ATX you will not be disappointed.

    Anyone can feel free to add me as well.
  • selkins90
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    Hey, I love San Antonio I live in the Schertz/Cibolo area! I frequent the New Braunfels and San Marcos area as well! Feel free to add me if you ever need a workout buddy or someone to talk too. :-)
  • I just moved to San don't many people here yet. I like this site though