I'm really interested in kickboxing for weight loss/muscle building. Anyone have any experience with it? How much does it cost? Did it really help you get in shape?


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    I love kickboxing and it has toned me up!
    Check out Turbo Fire for a great workout...highly recommend.
  • I joined an 8 week class for $90. Absolutely loved it - ended up doing it all last winter. Golf takes over my summers. :smile: fantastic work out and it flies by because it is FUN!
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    I love to kickbox also, I do it through our YMCA & the gym @ my work - which we have a Corp membership (so it's cheap), the classes are included in the monthly fees for both places I use.

    ETA - to answer second Q: Yes it does wonders for the body, but remember to do a variety of exercise types - when I just did Kickboxing I felt stronger, but since I now run and swim - I'm much more leaner. I can't say I love running and swimming but "a girl's gotta did what a girl's gotta do" to look good:laugh:
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    I paid $100/mo for Muay Thai. You will get a little muscle as you get conditioned, but a person serious about sport fighting typically adds specific weight training as the classes have some bodyweight exercise, some calisthenics, but not enough to "get ripped"

    that said, it's fun, fast paced, and can burn a lot of calories.

    Sparring burns way more than shadowboxing too I'm just syain.
  • Healthtrax offers a kickboxing class that Mike and I are planning on checking out. I could probably get you a free guest pass if you are interested in joining :)
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    posted response~ didn't show up?!....

    i would suggest 2 dvds...Cathe friedrich's:
    look at them on utube or collage video....they are tons of fun and burn lots of calories...and cheap video's...
  • Do you want to do your workouts at home?
    I know this will not be perfect for everybody, but- IF YOU HAVE A HEAVY BAG... then by far the absolute BEST workout program is the one found at Just go to the website and read it for yourself if you want. The thing about it is: there are 10 different workouts... so on Monday, you do Workout #1, then Wed, you do Workout #2, and so on. Sure it takes a long time to get everything down pat because each day the workout is different, BUT since its all written down on the paper you print out, you just take it to your bag and as each Round starts, you just read the combo and then do it. It might say: Left jab, right cross, left hook; rear knee, switch kick. (or whatever). By the time you've gone thru all the workouts, you've done a TON of different combinations, some long, some short, but it keeps it VERY interesting and I absolutely LOVE it!
    If you don't have a heavy bag, then this workout won't work for you, but if you do, then there is nothing like it.