Looking for some endurance fitness friends

I've recently reached my weight goal here on MFP (I started at the end of May), but I'm still working on my fitness goals. I run, bike, swim, and strength-train. I hope to compete in a sprint-triathlon in October. I would like some MFP friends who also run, bike, and swim!

Good luck all,


  • DryHeet
    DryHeet Posts: 61 Member
    Well, I do sweat a lot and probably stink pretty much after a workout, but, hey, this is a virtual friendship, I don't think my BO transfers over the internet - so, I'm asking again for some running, cycling, swimming, triathlon friends.

    I did sign up for a sprint triathlon - its Oct 14: 400M swim, 11 mile bike, 4 mile run.
  • Awkward30
    Awkward30 Posts: 1,927 Member
    I don't really like biking, although I'll go to a spin class occasionally... and I actually haven't swum in a while because I hate how awful I am (I used to be a lifeguard/swim instructor...now I am legitimately awful)... but I'm running my second half marathon in under a month!