Banana Oatmeal cookies



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    I experimented with this yesterday and they turned out delicious.

    2 bananas
    1 apple-peeled
    2 cups of old fashioned oatmeal
    1/2 tsp of vanilla
    1 tsp of cinnamon
    stevia/truvia sweetner to taste

    Blend Banana and apple together in a blender
    Pour into a bowl with oatmeal, cinnamon and vanilla
    mix well
    1 table spoon per cookie

    makes about 36 cookies and are roughly 25 calories per cookie

    BUMP BUMP BUMP .. skimmed through all the tweaks and

    I did follow your recipe, and also added

    1/4 c. cottage cheese
    1 scoop vanilla whey protein
    1/2 c. raisins
    1/3 c. flax seed meal

    It made 21 big cookies, about 70 cal/ea. I like the sweetness from the raisins. Maybe next time I'd use a sweetened yogurt in place of the cottage cheese (just threw that in to boost the protein and add moistness, the batter seemed thick. I'm a dumper.)

    I'll be snacking on these the next couple of days and won't feel bad about feeding them to the kids :) thanks again for sharing

    Oh and I baked at 350 for about 12 minutes. Very moist and chewy

    they might be nice with a pinch of salt
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    Definitely a bump for trying out! Thank you!
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    These sound so good! Thanks for Sharing:) BUMP
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    These sound great. I have everything at home to make these, apart from the apple. I've already been shopping at lunch, so don't want to go again. Then I remembered the free fruit in the cafeteria at work! Problem solved.
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    Those sound great! Thanks
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    YUM! I'll have to try these :)
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    Putting these on my holiday baking list... maybe try with pumpkin instead of apple! :)
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    sounds delicious!
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    Sounds really good! I'll definitely be giving these a try :smile:
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