Morning vs Evening Exercise

I'm sure we've always all heard that "its best to work out in the morning" blah blah blah.

I'm one of those people that if I don't work out in the morning I generally don't get it done. However, I'm always significantly less energetic and focused in the mornings and don't feel like I do as well that early. When I can finally talk myself into an evening workout I feel like I get so much more out of it and don't feel like I have to work as hard.

So here is where I ask for opinions- Should I just continue to push through difficult mornings and hope that one day I'll be better at morning workouts or make it a priority to do evening workouts where I can go further/faster/stronger but don't feel like I worked as hard?

PS I've rewritten this post 4 times and this is as clear as I can get it to seem. Hope I make sense.


  • ismiseciara
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    bump because id like to know the answer to this not a morning person so i find it hard to get up for the gym
  • myfitnessnmhoy
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    Exercise you enjoy more (or dislike less) is exercise you'll actually do, which beats the hell out of trying to make unpleasant changes to your routine in support of a myth that somehow forcing your body to work out when it doesn't want to is beneficial to you.

    It feels like less effort in the evening because it is - your body can maintain more energy in the evening because that's when your body is more ABLE to maintain that energy. You're burning more calories and enjoying it more. Misery does not burn a single calorie, and you may never be able to crank your morning self up to the point where it is burning the same calories at maximum pain than your evening self can burn during a pleasant workout.

    I'm not trying to say that somehow evening exercise is better for everyone, either. We're all different.

    Stick with what works for you. If you can burn off lots of calories during the evening and enjoy it, then you're good.
  • DavPul
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    Your body no care. Work out at whichever time is most convenient, or you're most likely to actually show, or you're going to have the most energy. On it's own, time of day makes no difference when it comes to workout efficacy
  • 916lude
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    The problem she has is that she has less energy and focus for morning workouts, but is more likely to actually get a workout for the day in during the morning as opposed to the evening or anytime after work. I have a similar problem. If I don't get my workout done in the morning, more than likely I won't get one done for the day, but I have more focus and energy in the morning as well.

    If the difference is 2-3 times in the evening compared to 5-6 in the morning and you feel like your evening workouts give you a killer burn and your mornings are just so-so, I suggest working out in the evenings. Sounds like you get a lot more from those workouts. With the lack of energy and focus you may be half-assing your morning workouts anyways. Evens it out ;)
  • dnhardy
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    Thanks yall! I really hate working out in the afternoon/evening more because I hate showering twice a day. Being a girl is exhausting. I may have to just stop being such a baby about it though. :-)