Diabetic 50 year old Dad with KFS

Hello! I'm a diabetic 50 year old dad with two sons (13 and 3). I have to lose 50 pounds or I will die. I want to live to see my boys graduate college, so I need to be healthy for another 20 years at least!

My sister, the doctor, turned me onto this site. I love it!


  • Flyer615
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    I'm with you, man. I just turned 50. In November of last year, I was diagnosed with diabetes. A1C was 9.9 and fasting sugar was 262. Found MFP. In March, fasting blood sugar was 90 and A1C was 6.0. In June, blood sugar was 90 and the A1C was 5.5 = no more diabetes. You can whip it (assuming yours is type 2). Endeavor to persevere.