Ode to the girl...

To the girl on the bike path last night: I saw you jogging in my direction about a half mile back. Seeing many pedestrians on this path none caught my attention like you did. As we got closer I could see you were roughly my size, wearing a columbia sweater with an ipod attached to the front, like me. We looked right at eachother in passing and I could see in your eyes what I see in mine. You were struggling, but damn you were determined. From the sweat on your face to the red color of your cheeks, this was hard for you but you kept pushing. You are determined to reach a goal, determined to fight the stronger winds that came through and get your run in anyways. That split second look gave me everything. I wanted to quit. The winds were so strong I wanted to turn my bike around and go home, knowing I had a car to take me to the workout classes I was headed to. Your determination gave me a spark, knowing I had the strength in myself to continue on. Whether or not that look meant something to you, it meant the world to me. It reminded me I am not the only one out here struggling to get my body to work how I want it to. It reminded me that there is an army of people in my boat, fighting this battle every day. It reminded me that I am not alone and gave me the motivation to continue on.

To the girl on the bike path, without you, I was going to give up. Thank you.