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    alot of people seem to have a hard time figuring out how to eat without it once they hit goal. Keep trying MFP. Its free
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    I tried it and didn't even finish the first month. The food was pretty gross and too expensive....and you still had to add in a bunch of other food like fruit and vegetables and buns. I would recommend buying some food off of ebay that people are selling (that's how I got rid of the rest of mine) to see if you can stomach it before shelling out the bucks for the program.
  • Personally I have not tried nutrisystem, but if pre packaged meals is what you're looking for why don't you try lean cuisines/smart ones? They are a hell of a lot cheaper!!!
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    I did it for a few months maybe 6 years ago. It was expensive. I didn't like all of the food, but some of it was fine. I remember liking the breakfast bars. However, I didn't learn anything about portion control that I could translate into the "real world." The program is probably different now, but IMHO, it was not worth the cost.

    I also didn't have great success with Weight Watchers because I ate a lot more processed food crap when I was doing that program. For me, tracking my calories works the very best.

    Good luck!
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    I tried Nutrisystem for about 3 months. I lost 12 pounds the first month. Then NOTHING! I quit because the weight loss stopped. But I also found the food nearly inedible. It just doesn't taste good! Also, I'm sensitive to wheat and all the foods are loaded with it. I had horrible gas the entire 3 months! Apparently It's quite common. It's called the NutriToots. (Sorry if that's TMI!) I'm glad I tried it if for no other reason than I know it's not for me.

    It is definitely quick and convenient. But so is Lean Cuisine and the like. It might work for you if you like to eat small meals often.
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    I lost 65 pounds on nutrisystem a few years back, but didn't change my mindset from "diet", so I went off and gained most of it back, which was my own fault. It definitely does work and I lost in a short amount of time, but I got sick of it very easily after awhile, especially if you eat a normal meal, you really won't want the nutrisystem stuff lol I tried to go back on it again, but couldn't stand the food anymore, I think it just burnt me out.

    My only issue with it now, because of the fact that I cook the majority of time from scratch, I can have a plate probably 3 times the size of good healthy food compared to the tiny cup of stuff I got on the nutrisystem diet. If you could afford to spend the 250 a week, I would highly suggest trying to learn to cook, I used to hate cooking and found a website with phenomenal recipes, and now I love cooking! if you can invest in a crock pot or roasting pan, and do easy cooking. It takes two minutes to preheat the oven and throw some chicken in to bake and you can make quite a bit at a time so you have some premade and ready to go for other meals during the week. like another poster said, it isn't just the money you spend on THEIR food, you still have to grocery shop and buy fresh produce and stuff, so i can get pretty pricey.

    Unless you have your mind set that this is a lifestyle change, you may just waste your money. If you go off of it and you go back to eating the way you were, you will mostly likely gain it back and in some cases gain more. There is no doubt that it works though, if you think it will help you stay on track, I think you should give it a try and see how you like it. I would suggest just not buying a huge amount until you know it is something you want to stick to. You do tend to eat the same things over and over so it can cause alittle burnout after awhile. Also, I have to question what is the food that makes it ok to sit on a shelf for years at a time, nothing needs to be refrigerated and I think they have like a 2 or 3 year expiration dates, kinda wonder what not so good things are in there lol

    That is just my experience with it, if you are really interested in trying it, I say do what you think is right for you!

    Have you looked into their fresh food program? Or do you have like a Seattle Sutton type place where they use fresh food?
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    I have not done Nutrisystem, but I did do a program called HMR that was similar. The prepackaged food is convenient, but terrible. Like many others that have posted I lost weight on the program, but gained it all back when I went off. Also the low low cal diet (500 cal a day) they had me on caused my gallbladder to go bad. I am now involved in a non-surgical weight loss program through the Bariatric Center at a local hospital. Through the program I meet with a weight loss doctor, a dietician, a councilor, and an exercise coach. You could see if they have a similar program in your area. I'm really happy with the program they even tested me at the beginning to make sure I didn't have any medical problems keeping me from loosing weight and tested my metabolism to see how many calories I should eat a day.
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    I thought the food was gross too, and was grossed out by thinking of the amount of preservatives that were in everything. The only things that have ever worked for me are Weight Watchers and MFP.

    I'm single, so I understand how hard it is to cook healthy food for one. I've been trying to make a bunch of stuff on Sundays - make sure breakfast is ready to go in 5 minutes or less, make salads to take for lunch, and have at least one or two dishes ready so that when I get home from work at 8:00 at night I don't reach for something unhealthy just because I'm exhausted.

    Good luck to you!
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    A friend of mine did it- it's expensive - and not maintainable- not to mention it looked like space food- YUCK!
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    I tried Nutrisystems for a year, Lost 30 pounds, gained it all back, and hated EVERY meal.

    Never again.
  • I am doing Nutrisystme now. I had done it last spring but got pregnant after only 3 months and had to go off the diet. I never reached my goal and now have baby weight in addition to get off so I went back to nutrisystem. People say its expensive, but its not realy. I pay $299 per month for 28 days worth of food. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert...and I used to spend $10 a day just on my lunch. Yes you have to buy fresh veggies and protein but I still find that my food costs are lower even having a husband and 2 kids. As far as taste, I have had some of the things I hated, some I loved, and some I just tolerate. I also get their frozen foods and for the most part, those are very tasty..better than any lean cuisine..For me, its the simplicity. I have little time so I can just grab a meal, a sack of carrots and a pack of sandwich ham and I am off to work. I still treat myself to one cheat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert per week..i just don't do them all on the same day...that way I am only doing straight nutrisystem 3 days of the week. I have lost 7lbs in 2 its working...
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    Losing weight and keeping it off requires self discipline. Why not channel that into learning to cook and make quick meals? It will save you a bundle.
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    I know a few people who have tried it a few years ago (I was trying to lose weight myself and looking at Nutrisystem). The answer from all of them was "the food is so disgusting you'd rather just starve"
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    Waste of money. I would tell you to eat healthy and exercise, but you don't want to hear it, so maybe you should just keep waiting for that magic cure.
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    I tried their program 4 years ago, made it 2 weeks and had to return the food. It is very high in sodium content and gave me bad headaches. The food also didn't taste that great. I am with most of the other commenters here, teach yourself how to cook healthy, smaller meals, or if you cook larger meals just pre-package for later in the week and/or freeze meals together. Nothing beats real food (not from a package) for losing weight.
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    It works because the "food" has a reasonable number of calories for the portion sizes they give you. It's not going to work if you snack between meals. If your weight problem is due to overeating, then it makes sense to portion your own food and count your own calories. If you can't do that, I'm not sure why you'd trust yourself to stick to the three small meals a day (plus snack I think?) that Nutrisystem portions out for you.
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    Just an update!

    Did some research and just went out of my way to buy my own groceries to use a makeshift version of Nutrisystem...

    And I think that's is going to be the better choice here for those of you who are wondering the same thing!

    --Have you worked out today? (:

    Thanks for the update! Love it when folks come back and actually give an update instead of leaving you wondering :)
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    I tried it a while back and the freeze dried food just wasn't that tasty. And to get the good tasting frozen food you had to pay more.
    I know it's hard to do it alone. Even though I'm in a house full of people I'm the only one dieting so I basically cook meals for just myself. Just do your best. And remember you're worth the effort!