Two Years....

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Well today is my Two Year MFP anniversary. A quick time for me to reflect on where I was and where I am...

It was just over two years ago and I was a miserable person. I do not know what I weighed because I refused to step on a scale... but I am guessing I was north of 320lbs. I had never been a small person, but I never would have pictured myself where I was then. One day in meeting a co-worker. Not a real close friend or anything like that, told me to meet him in my his office after a meeting. Expecting a project of some sort I went in and he gave me a small piece of paper that said He told me to check it out and I needed to to something about where my weight was going.

I was outraged... but played it cool. Went back to my office and put that scrap of paper in my desk drawer and did not look at it... I knew he was right but I am way too stubborn to admit that so quickly. The weekend came... and as if my eyes had not been opened enough i was smacked in the face. I was a coach for my oldest son's football team. The coaches shirts came in.. the biggest size they had squeezed me like I was 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag. I noticed other father running and playing with the kids, and there was no way I could do that.... Here I am in that shirt actually a couple of pounds down from my worst.


I hated that shirt.. i would stretch it over and over again so i could just put it on... But then I logged into MFP. Met some great supportive friends and I was logging every bite of food. What do you know... the weight started coming off. Slowly but surely it was going. So I knew it was time to step it up.. I went and joined a local gym and picked up a copy of the New Rules of Lifting. That book became my bible for a year. By time the spring came I felt like a new man... I added some running into routine, even trained myself for and completed my first 5k. I was 70lbs lighter then when I first stepped on the scale, and my new coaching shirt was a smaller size and fit MUCH better.


Come those Holidays I started to slip back into some bad habits... Back to enjoying my beer drinking, and lost focus with my eating. But I kept coming here, and being here helped push me to keep going to the gym, to keep running to keep working. yes I am 15lbs up this year, part I like to think is muscle but I no part of it is beer belly! LOL

Took this pic last week... this is my younger son and our game faces! LOL

I have made some amazing friends here, some I have had the chance to meet, some I look forward to meeting soon, some I get to go walking with on work days, some I get to message with in the wee hours of the morning when my day starts, so many who talk with me throughout the day all help me to keep working hard and kicking *kitten*! and some of you who help me when my crazy comes out and I need them. I thank all of them for the endless support and all the fun trouble we seem to find ourselves in.

I plan on staying here with my MFP friends, I have already been regaining my focus on eating and will hit my ultimate goal to get to 100lbs lost!


  • RockinSkiBunny
    RockinSkiBunny Posts: 152 Member
    Wow you look like a different person. Thank you for sharing this. It's awesome. :)
  • Bigpelly8
    Bigpelly8 Posts: 504 Member
    Great work G. I'm two days behind you, and I've enjoyed how we were able to push each other! We will get that cold beer some day!! Here's to another year brother!!
  • Nix143
    Nix143 Posts: 522 Member
    Lovely, lovely story - thank you for sharing x
  • RumOne
    RumOne Posts: 266 Member
    Fantastic work G! Happy 2nd Anniversary! I can't wait to see what you accomplish this next year.
  • sassylilmama
    sassylilmama Posts: 1,495 Member
    You have done great, happy 2 year!
  • kel665
    kel665 Posts: 401 Member
    Wow! You're looking great! Congratulations! :)
  • _GingerSnap_
    _GingerSnap_ Posts: 339 Member
    Happy 2 year anniversary, G! You lokk great-now go keep kicking *kitten*!
  • Sarahbara76
    Sarahbara76 Posts: 601 Member
    You went from being husky to muscular and trim!! nice job!
  • THEErikaR
    THEErikaR Posts: 160 Member
    Well done!!! What an must be so proud!!!! :wink:
  • Yanicka1
    Yanicka1 Posts: 4,564 Member
    Proud to have you as a friend.
  • UsedToBeHusky
    UsedToBeHusky Posts: 15,229 Member
    You're awesome! That is all! Keep up the great work! We all slip up, but as long as you keep coming back here, you will remember to pick up the slack. There is no going back! Congrats! :happy:
  • marie_cressman
    marie_cressman Posts: 980 Member
    You have seriously done an absolutely amazing job. I know that at the time when the co-worker brought it up it seemed rude and seriously... that would have pissed me off way back when I started as well (lol), but thankfully you saved that little piece of paper and took control! You look wonderful! Keep up the hard work and you'll reach that 100lb lost goal! Btw I think it's great that you shared your "slip up"... I think a lot of people fear that when they screw up that's just it and there's no hope.... and that is not the case! It's totally worth the fight every day to stay on track and keep moving forward even after you mess up and you are proof! Your family must be so proud of you!
  • lglg11
    lglg11 Posts: 344 Member
    You are so inspiring !!

    I love my Jersey boy ! So glad we are friends .

    Congratulations on staying awesome through all your accomplishments :)
  • stephfranke
    stephfranke Posts: 84 Member
    Great job!! And thanks to that coworker who had the guts to "call" you on it. Even when you were miffed by it. You have done an amazing job and set a great example for your boys! Keep it up - you can be proud!!! :)
  • taffies
    taffies Posts: 17 Member
    :smile: Way to go! I am sure your son is so proud to call you Dad! What an inspiring testimony!
  • scs143
    scs143 Posts: 2,190 Member
    You are an inspiration! I :heart: you! Glad to be your walking P. Especially on hump day! :blushing:
  • lorettaasmith
    lorettaasmith Posts: 418 Member
    Way to stick with it for the long haul and for being honest about your struggles along the way! We'll look forward to seeing even less of you next year!
  • You are what AWESOME feels like!! Great journey!! Thank you for the post! AMAZING!
  • Angie_1991
    Angie_1991 Posts: 447 Member
    What an awesome story! Great job!!!
  • gdelp
    gdelp Posts: 20 Member
    Congrats to you for sticking with this, even through the holidays. That is definitely hard, and it's coming right up here. I hope to push through with what I have learned and keep tracking using MFP religiously. You look fantastic and so happy! Keep up the good work!
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