First 10 lbs -15lb

how long did it take you to lose the first 10lbs to 15lbs

what did you do ; exercises ?


  • August-October - 10 lbs.
    I did it with walking at first, then upping up my exercise with circuit training.
  • woahitsangie
    woahitsangie Posts: 139 Member
    Took me almost 6 weeks to lose the first 15. I used the stationary bike a few times of the week and walked a lot the rest. At least 2miles a day if I could. Some more, some less. I cut out all soda too. :) of course I do other small things like jogging in place, jumping jacks and sit ups if I'm watching tv. :)
  • ShaGetFit23
    ShaGetFit23 Posts: 31 Member
    thanks im just in my first week so only time will tell
  • woahitsangie
    woahitsangie Posts: 139 Member
    Allow yourself some cheat days. If its not a true lifestyle chance, the weight will come right back. And log log log. Everyday!!