What do YOU do after a bad binge of overeating?

If I have a bad overeating day, I may fast the next day, or I may eat normally, or maybe exercise to try and make up for the calories. I think all of these options are fine, but what is your response?


  • Mdin1029
    Mdin1029 Posts: 453 Member
    I don't fast because I feel it will lead to another binge.

    Instead I try to make the next day include the following:

    1. Lemon water first thing in the morning
    2. Lots of water all day long
    3. 30 minute jog
    4. 1 hour walk at some other point in the day
    5. Lots of veggies and other clean meals
  • horseplaypen
    horseplaypen Posts: 442 Member
    I eat normally and exercise normally. I have a regular exercise schedule so overeating wouldn't affect that, and I would never make it through the day on less than my usual amount of calories!
  • Sapporo
    Sapporo Posts: 693 Member
    Drinking tonnes of water makes me feel better. I exercise that evening or the next morning because that helps me get back on track.
  • JLD81
    JLD81 Posts: 133 Member
    I am always conscious of what I eat. I thought I would respond to this in light of my pizza lunch today. I believe the best thi ng to do is think overtime I eat. I chose to eat extra thin crust pizza today, knowing that sometimes we deserve a splurge and knowing that today is my typical highest calorie burn day of the week. I don't make myself suffer for eating and don't restrict later. I think it is better, of the two, to work out more. Fasting days screw up your metabolism. Metabolism is ur friend when it comes to fitness. I have a history of ed's. When in doubt, buy a hrm and know exactly what ur burn is. Just my thoughts.
  • elects
    elects Posts: 11 Member
    I cut back the next day and do a little more exercise if I can find the time. I tend to look at my weekly net as some days are easier than others and I do not have the will power to make it up in one day if I went over by too much.
  • SoDamnHungry
    SoDamnHungry Posts: 6,999 Member
    I eat like normal the next day. And if I have the urges to keep eating like the day before, I'll try to distract myself with exercise or something fun.

    I find that "punishing" yourself after a bad day by trying to eat a lot less just makes you feel even worse. It doesn't allow me to accept that I binged horribly and moved on. It instead follows me to the next day to make me even more miserable. As if I didn't know I was being terrible on the day I was overeating.
  • Binge eating is different than over-eating.
    I mean, unless you ate the usually 5k-15k calories then it's probably just something you can make up in the short-term.

    I don't let it get to me.