PCOS gal seeking friends for support

Hi there, I am new to this site after a friend recommended it to me. I am only on day 2 of my healthy eating kick (I'm trying to avoid the word diet haha!) and already I am wavering! I am wanting to fire up the chip pan!

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 and have used it as an excuse ever since, saying things like "oh it's really hard for me to lose weight", "it's a catch 22, I need to lose weight but I can't" and the best one "I'm happy just the way I am". Apparently I am also a liar!

Basically the slap in the face came when I suffered my 2nd miscarriage earlier this year. Both myself and my partner were devastated and I know that I have to change, I need to be healthier in order to have a much better shot of becoming a Mother.

I would love to make new friends on here so please feel free to add me

Jenna xxx


  • hey welcome :) this is my first day back after a year :) i also have pcos so know what ya mean i too made the same excuses but last year i found i could loose weight if i put my mind to it so after a year of illness i have put the weight back on but now im here to change that and if i can do it anyone can so good luck on your journey feel free to add me if you like
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    So sorry for your losses!! I too have PCOS and have used that as an excuse for not losing weight! My husband and I....well actually my doctor......decided NOW is the time to have kids. I am trying to lose weight before starting Chlomid because I hear I might actually gain weight while taking it. It's a really scarey road ahead for many reasons.
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    First of all, I am sorry for your loss. I've never been pregnant; but, I couldn't imagine losing a child -- especially an unborn child. I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years ago. The doctors diagnosed me with it, but then never explained it and just acted like it was nothing. I only recently became really aware of the hardships of PCOS. I'm on my 2nd month of eating healthy (I personally call it a "journey" instead of a "diet" -- I hate diets). I try to log everyday, and so far, I've lost 12.3 pounds... and a few inches in different places. It's hard... but, so worth it when you can tell a difference in how you feel. Feel free to add me. I'll try my best to help motivate you.
  • Welcome. I'm so sorry for your loss. I just started AGAIN for the 50th time my weight loss journey 6 weeks after the loss of my son. I was 21 weeks pregnant and even though his death was not releated to my pcos I want to lose weight before we start trying again. I want to take some time off before trying again and I know that concentrating on my weight loss will help me keep my mind of ttc. I'm not even sure as to when I'll be ready mentally and physically to start trying again.I actually have to stay under a certain weight to get my period and ovulate so it's my motivation. Let's do this!!!!!!!
  • What is PCOS? Either way I am back on the "healthy" plan as well and looking to be accountable to some folks around here and offer support as well....
  • Hi all! I just joined this site a few days ago- I googled "cheaper alternatives to weight watchers" and this site kept coming up so I decided to try it. I've struggled with my weight my entire life and have a long history of yo-yo dieting. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago and when I first went on Metformin I lost a lot of weight but I gradually put it all back on and then some. I'm really scared of developing diabetes and tired of my clothes not fitting and feeling icky so I've decided it's time to get back on track.

    It's really nice to "meet" you all- good luck to everyone!
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    I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. Two strikes against me. It can be done, just need to work harder for it! Feel free to add me:)
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    Hi there, sorry for your loss, it is a devastating thing and would be an even bigger reason to be depressed and on the horrible eating and self loathing train, so good for you for trying to not do that!
    I have pcos and I have a very hard time losing weight, I have lost 25 now i still have another 30 to go and it feels like looking down a never ending hall like it's impossible :( The one thing I know that I was told and have found to be true in my own experience is women with pcos produce more testosterone and therefore cardio alone won't help us lose weight, last year I was jogging 7km per day and I didn't lose any weight (tho I did tone up a bit) we are supposed to be focusing on wieght lifting combo excercises because that will help you lose wieght faster it totally worked for me.
    I have stopped and started a million times I have a horrible carb addiction and cheat all the time, I swear for every hour i'm awake I am fighitin urges to not eat i feel similar to a drug addict. The difference is now if I cheat I start fresh the next day whereas before I woud feel the whole week was lost and say "i'll start again Monday" , I find that makes a big difference now I don't do as much damage.
    It's great to be able to be on here and have support of like minded ppl going through the same struggles, best of luck on your journey!
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    Hi! My name is Melissa and I am so sorry for your loss. We can all tag team this syndrome and win. I look forward to losing this weight and look and feel healthy. I have been taking green coffee bean extract which helps and fiber pills. This is all natural and I can tell a difference as far as my metabolism kicking it up a notch. You will also really feel it when you exercise and it helps keep any water weight off of you. I look forward to going along this journey with everyone!
  • Thank you all so much, I am overwhelmed by your kindness! I feel so focused and motivated this time. This site and all the support on it is just amazing!!! xxx