working out while having a cold

Actually, I can't tell if it's a cold or allergies. I know I feel pretty crappy, but I have this need to force myself to the gym since I've not been for 5 days.

Do you go even if you're not feeling it (as in you're feeling sick, not just lazy)?


  • MissHellsing
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    No I don't go because I want to get myself together first. I tried working out while sick and it only made things WORST. I couldn't even make it home from the gym and the next day smh. never again
  • shinkalork
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    I have a inured ankle and a cold and still doing my workout.
    For the cold...Well cardio brings blood to the head and it helps to unblocked the nose it's good.
    For the ankle part...well i'm just stubborn.

    I think it's just a question of dedication. unless you are very sick ....That's different in every ways

    But i'm training at home so it's not the same.... to go to a gym sick is not nice to the others around a way.
  • 2012asv
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    I have and it was more of a struggle throughout the whole workout to not get snot everywhere so I decided I shouldn't do that again.
  • phyllio77
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    Funny thing. I am home sick from work today. I did manage to go for a 25 minute walk in the cool crisp air. Hacked my lungs out the entire time...scared a few dogs Drink lots of fluids and warm soup helps! Sometimes you need a few days of rest to get back into the rhythm of things:)
  • sbilyeu75
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    Part of me says to stay home and rest. The other part says, "Who am I fooling?" I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. I'm not getting any rest, so I might as well go to the gym.
  • Xaspar
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    If you were going outside running or biking or something I would say, do what you can and move a little. BUT going to a gym, not only are you battling with your own symptoms the whole time, you are exposing everyone else there to whatever bug you have. I as a gym goer would appreciate not having to add immune battles to my ongoing war with the heavy weights I want to throw around while I'm there.
  • cheerforsteelers
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    I try to workout if I have symptoms above the neck like a runny nose or cough or whatever. I don't go as hard if something physically hurts me like my leg or my arm. I find sweating it out helps me in the long run. Also, if I'm sick...I don't go to the gym and cough on everyone. I do a workout at home or walk around the neighborhood.
  • mrstravisjones
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    i just got back into working out again about 4 months ago. so i haven't been sick yet. i have injured myself a few times - back, arms, wrist. i would still go no matter what, just had to modify my workouts. being sick might be different. i don't know that i would still go. breathing is always very difficult when sick.

    if i were you, i'd just make sure the foods going in are natural and nutritious, and as soon as you start to feel better, go for walks - fresh air is good for you. then once you're well, get your butt back into working out! :-)
  • WendyTerry420
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    Actually, I can't tell if it's a cold or allergies. I know I feel pretty crappy, but I have this need to force myself to the gym since I've not been for 5 days.

    Do you go even if you're not feeling it (as in you're feeling sick, not just lazy)?

    When I have a cold or sinus problems, I take some pseudo-ephedrine. That opens me up and helps me to get my exercise done.
  • gsmithnp
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    I've been sick off and on for a solid month now (sooooo tired of it). I'm finally on antibiotics and getting better, but I still have a nagging cough with occasional random coughing fits that leave me lightheaded for a second. I took a few days off from working out last week because I felt so horrible. I started back up on Saturday, but I'm not doing any cardio just yet as I know it will trigger coughing fits (always wondered if I have a little asthma going on). A bad fit would probably result in my falling off the elliptical. I'm just doing some strength training and stretching, primarily to stay flexible and stay in the routine. I'll resume cardio as my cough improves.

    On the plus side, the lack of appetite over the past 3-4 weeks has resulted in a couple of pounds of weight loss! Wonder how many calories a person burns by coughing?
  • No, because one: I'd hate to get anyone else sick. It's common courtesy; let's be honest, we've all seen people that don't wipe down their machines. My weight loss is a lifestyle change, not an overnight thing. I can go a few days without exercising to the benefit of everyone else in this type of situation.

    Two: it makes me feel weaker, thus, harder to get over feeling better faster.

    Three: because I feel weaker, I do worse. It's easier just to stay in and feel better.
  • knitmom71
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    I've been doing light workouts with a cold for the past few days. I actually feel better (tired, but better) for the first few hours after the workout. I've crashed and needed a nap in the afternoon, but the immediate impact does seem to be one of feeling better. I am doing the Leslie Sansone Walk off the Pounds workouts, so I do it alone in the basement, and if I cough or need to blow my nose, I don't worry about passing my germs on to anyone. And, before the cold I was doing 3 miles at a time, but I've cut it back to 2 miles for the past few days. I figure it's helping me to keep up the routine without putting too much of a toll on my body while recovering.
  • This week is my first time working out while I have a cold. I go easy on it but I must say my cold seems weeker than ever. I really feel it's helping !
  • Jennloella
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    I go unless I'm so sick I'm bedridden, like the actual flu (not a cold)
  • mllst18
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    No. I was feeling a cold coming on (that my husband gave me!) and I didn't go to the gym. I took the opportunity to stay home and rest and eat/drink as much as I could. And guess what? I BEAT the cold before it was ever full-blown. AND lost a pound which tells me that my body was actually using all the extra calories that I put into it to fight the cold!
  • JustJennie1
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    Stay home. I would not want to be the person who is on a machine next to you as you're sneezing and coughing. Never mind the fact that I have seen people who were lifting weights seeze into their hands or wipe their nose and then replace the weight without cleaning it off.

    It's just common courtesy to stay home if you're sick.
  • jesspi68
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    It depends on how bad I am feeling. I won't go to the gym and spread it around but I do workout at home and I have found when I am getting over a common cold enough to feel like I can work out again, sweating it out helps me.
  • Leadfoot_Lewis
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    I consider myself to be a pretty tough chick. That said, a couple of weeks ago I had a pretty bad cold, felt like crap, and didn't workout for 3 days (which is rare for me). I personally would rather be able to give 100% when I workout than do a mediocre workout and probably feel even even more crappy afterwards.
  • zosia141
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    IMO my body is under stress trying to shake off the cold virus. I don't want to stress it more with a workout. I take my grandmas advice and pamper myself by staying tucked in at home, drinking tea and eating chicken soup. Then I ease back into my workout schedule when I feel better.
  • jenniferinfl
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    I have a cold this week as well and feel just awful. Day before yesterday I still managed to do my 3 miles, but yesterday I just couldn't, way too tired from the coughing and fever. Still have a light fever today, so I have a feeling I'll skip today too.
    I am doing other things, I've done a few burpee's here and there. I'll do some step up's onto a platform I have outside, but I'm going to keep it pretty slow today.