Hi MFP friends, I have just started working out regularly last year November. At first working out was difficult and at some times painful but I got into the habit and I'm definetely addicted to the power you feel when you can execute a difficult move. I also love to sweat and feel the adrenaline. So far I am down 70 pounds and have 32 more to go to reach my goal!!

When I got down to a certain size, my underwear started to become uncomfortable, irritable and always in the way.... So, soon after, I stopped wearing them because they were a definite distraction... Now to this day I still do not wear them when I go to class or strength train.

I know some people are grossed out, but I'm not the only one. When I'm in an aerobics class, I do see others w/o them on as we.. (Not that I'm staring- Can't help but notice.... )

What are your thoughts about this???

Which are you: undewearer or Freeballer.



  • aharrington84
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    I'm only down 15 lbs so far but mine have started sliding down when I work out... so I just stopped wearing them. I work out at home and on the greenway though, so not using gym equipment. Honestly I figured that was one less thing to buy more of while i'm getting to my goal weight; one more pant size and i'll buy a few pairs to last until the next shopping round.
  • BoohBaby
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    Nice!!! Whew, Thank you so much,... I just knew that everyone was going to be sooo grossed out by this topic, but I had to know!
    Thanks for your response.