Is it bad to go over on your daily fibre intake?

I seem to be going over on my fibre intake on a regular occurance is this bad?


  • pamperedpenguin
    pamperedpenguin Posts: 95 Member
    No. I go over fiber everyday and even take a fiber supplement.
    It just helps to keep things "moving" in the body, if you know what I mean ;)
  • dsmpunk
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    I wish I had that problem. There are...consequences with too much fiber however. Your body will let you know ;)
  • mabelbabel1
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    It is said to be beneficial to eat between 25-35g of fibre a day.
    If you do suddenly increase from a low to high level it can cause a few side effects such as gas, loose bowels or constipation...but it doesn't last and your body will soon adjust to the new healthy intake.
  • If you're going over by a couple grams then I highly doubt it'll matter - I aim for 20-25g but MFP's original setting is 13.8g, which i personally think is too low. If, however, you're having an unusual amount (something like 50g?) then I'd cut it down if I were you.
    Listen to your body.
  • ErzaScarlet
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    Thanks guys :)