over indulged! :(

Made very poor food choices yesterday. Feeling very discouraged this morning after over indulging in thin crust veggie pizza and Ben and Jerry frozen greek yogurt? I ate 1/2 the pint of icre cream in 1 sitting. I also had Pei Wei chicken teriyaki w/ brown rice for lunch. NO EXERCISE AT ALL YESTERDAY..... :( My thoughts are to: throw in the towel... this weight loss is hard!


  • Let it go. It was a meal. Do better today. You can't fix it now.
  • baxgilter
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    Move on! One meal is not going to derail any hard work you have put in.
  • 28848
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    Don't let one day do you in.....it's just a day....out of thousands....a blip on the radar....you are better than that!!!

    Find yummy foods you enjoy every day that fit in your calorie range. Or you can even up your calories a little bit ..... slower loss....but more sustainable.....

    Today is all you have...make it count... :)
  • invisibubble
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    Move on! One meal is not going to derail any hard work you have put in.

  • Txnurse97
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    ^^^^What they have all said. It was one day. It's done, today is fresh, move on.

    Weight loss is hard. But SO worth it. It's not a race, there's no timetable, just keep plugging away. The scale hasn't moved down for me in almost 2 months, but I'm still at it. And I've had more than my share of "bad" days, yet I've still lost a lot. You can do this too!
  • babyblooz
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    After a 28 pound loss?! Come on, now. Put down that emotional 2x4 you are beating yourself up with and START THE DAY ANEW!! :happy:
  • sandobr1
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    It is going to happen, really throw in the towel after one day...look how much you have lost, do you a month from now want to be having to start over or re do what you have already done, think how bad you would feel then.

    I would plan meals and snacks today right now, make them extra healthy, low sodium lots and lots of water.
  • TavistockToad
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    throw in the towel... this weight loss is hard!

    do it!

    no one said it was easy.... and its not like your health is the most important thing that you have...
  • florabora
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    Sometimes its good to slip so we can be reminder how awful we feel after we gorge. Don't give up the fight! Today is a new day to make a difference in your weight loss.:flowerforyou:
  • All of the above.
  • FFS? I do this crap at least once a week...maybe twice...heck this month alone - more days than not. IT'S LIFE - learn how to deal with it - take the good with the bad. Do you always give up when you don't get your way? Fighting for your health is hard and you're gonna have to buck up li'l cowboy if you want it bad enough - which means forgiving yourself when you make mistakes too. Also - keep in mind it still takes an EXTRA 3500 calories to add a pound of fat to your body - this is above and beyond what you are already burning each day through your TDEE.
  • lacrimae
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    Let's say you overindulged by like 1000kcal. Over a week, that's 142/day. Over a month, that's 33kcal/day. Over a year? Less than 3kcal/day.

    A single cheat meal will NOT do you any harm. Just don't make a habit of it ;) Get back on track and keep going :)
  • johnny059qn
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    Get back on track today. Yesterday won't matter in a month. You won't even remember it.
  • JesterMFP
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    You're right - weight loss is hard. But, so is being overweight. So is suffering from obesity-related diseases. It's your choice. One day over over-indulging and no exercise isn't going to derail you, any more than one day of healthy eating and exercise is going to turn an obese person thin. Just carry on now, doing what you have been doing to lose that 28 lbs.
  • Bethie_B
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    Really? After 28 pounds down and only 6 to go, one day of poor choices is going to make you give up? Perhaps you need to reevaluate where your priorities are, and if a healthy life is what you want.
  • kenazfehu
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    You can certainly do that - throw in the towel - but my bet is that you won't be happy about it.
    Don't lose the success you've enjoyed so far because of one bad day.
  • anaoliver63
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    Thank you MFPs, I sure needed those words of encouragement....
  • Slove009
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    It was a CHEAT day! Everyone has them and personally I think we all need one! Just make good choices today and get in a little exercise! Never let one day break you! Just hit the reset button and keep going!
  • nymami
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    you can do this. it was one day just regroup and start over today!
  • deb3129
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    DO NOT throw in the towel over one day! Everyone has them sometimes. even the people here who have lost a ton of weight. Heck, I eat like an angel most days, but if you got back and look in my diary, there are a few HORRIBLE days! Just start today as a new day, make better food choices, and MOVE. You can do this! Look around you at all the others who have done it or are doing it right now!