Morning do you do it?



  • denezy
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    I just can't think about it too much. I commit to it the night before and when the alarm goes off, I just get up. No questions. As soon as I start thinking about how cold it is outside, or dark, or how much I'd rather be in bed... I am in trouble. Just go. Don't think.
  • Bullfrog51
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    I recently transitioned to morning work outs. A simple trick I use is to put my alarm clock in a location that forces me to get out of bed to turn it off. I use the alarm on my phone and place the phone just outside my bedroom. Hitting the snooze on an alarm next to my bed is just too tempting. Once I get on my feet to turn off my alarm I good and have been doing my morning workouts without fail.
  • spe8421
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    I need to get up right away in the morning. I have tried to switch the excercise to the evening but there is so much going on that I usually didn't have time.
    I feel so much better by starting the day out with some excercise. Don't think about how early it is when your alarm goes off, just getup. If you feel you are still so tired, try going to bed a little earlier and see if that helps. I do get 8 - 9 hours of sleep a night.
  • theresmynapkin
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    I've heard some people put their alarm in the other room, like smboston said. Once they're up they're up, and if they don't get out of bed then they listen to that annoying alarm and are awake anyway. Might as well do something now that you're awake!
    Personally, I'm too neurotic to have my phone that far away from me :p
  • I have the same issue! My biggest motivator is the ALONE time. I have two toddlers and a husband, so I look forward to my morning session now. It was hard at first and I still have rough days (today was one), but you just have to do it! :)
  • karietate
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    I too have the same problem getting out of bed to exercise...luckily my boyfriend is VERY supportive and has to get up earlier than myself. I've told him if I am not up @ 5:15 to continue bugging me, flipping on/off the light switch, yelling GET UP and for me because I don't want to deal with all that first thing in the's motivation to get my butt up..LOL
  • sho3girl
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    just do it! after a week it becomes routine to be getting up and exercising. You will feel better for it too!
  • marathon_mama
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    I work out as soon as i get to work in the morning. I alternate weight training in our gym and running. It works out well.
  • Kekibird
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    It took me a month to finally make this a routine. I set two alarms, one early for a run and the second alarm in case I slept through my workout one. In the first week I would wake up to it only to hit snooze and wake up to my second alarm for work. After a week, I made my first alarm a little earlier. Still snoozed through it. Then in the third week, I promised myself ONE DAY. Just one day of waking up with that first alarm. I did it! I woke up, went on a run, then got home, showered and started breakfast all before my son and big guy woke up.

    Now? I'm 2 months in a I get up M-F at 5:00am. I run then shower and cook breakfast for the boys. It's worth it. I know then that after work I don't have to workout and I already had my "Me Time". It's wonderful and worth it if you can train yourself to do it. After a while it gets addicting!
  • Hi i go to the gym first thing in the morning before work, I find if i put my work clothes in the car the night before and leave my gym clothes out it really helps motivates me.
  • lsilly15
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    today was my first day working out in the AM! I woke up at 4:30, rolled out of bed by 4:45. You just have to do it! Honestly, i felt GREAT after my workout and think about it, by 6am you are done for the day! (unless you get that extra boost at the end of the day) you can do it!
  • shellyt1
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    It is easier on the days I have to work in the morning, and days off are killers like today. I just know how I feel getting it done and it is my time and I seem to proform better in the morning then if I do a run at night!
  • okkat1969
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    It sometimes helps me to tell myself the night before, "I get to ___________ tomorrow!" Fill in the blank with whatever exercise you're doing the next morning. For me it's usually running--I used to hate running, but this little ritual has been a part of enjoying it more than I ever thought possible. In three months (and this is getting to be almost a record for me), I've only skipped three morning exercises. Also, make sure to go to bed at a reasonable hour! And if you can sleep a little later on the weekends and still get your exercise in, do it!
  • Smuterella
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    I really need help with this. I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning. the alarm was in a different room. I got up, turned it off and went back to sleep.

  • dorothytd
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    After six years, it is still difficult some days. Even better than putting them next to the bed, WEAR your workout clothes TO bed. Less to do. Come up with something you tell yourself when the alarm goes off. I'm not proud of it, but mine is sometimes "DO YOU WANT TO GET HEAVY AGAIN?" (I save that for the really tough days.) I also try to remember that it feels great to start the day that way. UNLIKE today, when I am going to class at 6:30PM instead. But I did it for the same reasons - at the time my kids were 3 and 7. There was NO OTHER TIME. Do it for you! It is still difficult, yes. But much less difficult than it was. And the results are SO WORTH IT!! (The comment about fatigue is true, too.) GOOD LUCK!!!
  • kenazfehu
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    I nag myself "get up get UP GET UP!"
    I remind myself that the exercise will do me more good than an extra hour of sleep.
    My husband has to leave for work very early, and he lets the cat in from the garage. Then the cat comes upstairs meowing loudly the whole way and jumps up on me. And if I still don't get up, he starts batting things off my bedside table or pushing the glass of water over.
  • PlusSizeGal
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    Well what I do is a 40 mins of yoga in the morning and stretching is a good way to start doing
    exercises. I really like yoga although some poses I can't do
    but I work with what I can do and keep along posture of the yoga movements
    as well of shadow boxing which I'm liking too.
    I have hypothyroidism so if anyone here wants to add me
    Support and motivation add me.
    Do stretches in bed its best
  • ziggyc
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    I got an elliptical ($450) for myself along with a door pulley system for strength training, free weights, and exercise ball. Then I decorated a special room just for exercising. I keep my laptop in there and watch my favorite shows that my husband doesn't like while I exercise. It's easier to wake up when I get to go into my Zen Den, warm-up with stretches, get going on the elliptical and enjoy some trashy TV like Grey's Anatomy. I love my routine and after about 2 months of doing this every work-day I got to the point where if I don't exercise I feel awful. It's the first time in my life I've stayed with an exercise and weight-loss program for over a year and I think the hour of exercise in the morning makes all the difference.

    I want a Zen Den!
  • The only way i do it is to have someone else meet me there. that way i know i have to go or they will be waiting and i won't show. works for me, maybe it could even be someone you meet at the gym or something if you don't have a friend or family member willing to do it with you. having support is the only way i can do it!
  • rmhand
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    Just do it.