At home workouts?

A real quick background story before I get started into this. About 2 years ago, the last time my husband was in Afghanistan, my goal was to lose weight and get healthy and fit. A new me. I was able to watch what I ate since I had no bad "influence" (aka my hubby) and go to the gym daily since my mom moved in with me to help me with my kids since he was gone. I had lost 30lbs in 6 months. Blood, sweat, and tears was put in it. He came home, my mom moved out and I was back to staying at home with my kids while he was at work. I gained all the weight back (+2 more lbs.) within two months of him returning home and have stayed that way for almost 2 years. I am beyond disappointed with myself. I failed me.

This time, I was tweaking everything and tryng new things to see how it would work when he returns home. One of the things, is to have a solid fallback. I knew my mom was leaving and I wouldn't be able to continue at the gym. My biggest motivator. I had set myself up for failure from the beginning. So this time I was looking for something realiable and stable, that would work when he returned home.

Now time to fast forward. Since the gyms are free on our military post, all I had to do was arrange daycare for my youngest son. I do not have the money to pay for gym memberships that offer daycare or even pay for regular daycare. My neighbor and I decided that 2 hours a day we'll swap kids. Perfect! Free daycare and gym (well me gym and her some "sanity" time). It has been about a month and it was working great. Well as of today, it looks like I won't be going to the gym anymore. She can no longer watch him. She is too overwelmed with two 2 year olds and a 6 week old. I get it. I have 3 boys myself (granted two of them are school age) but with my husband gone, I am both Mom and Dad. This is our thrid deployment and 2 of those I had a brand new baby (along with my others to take care of). I have no one to help me and I had to learn to deal with it (sounds harsh, I know). That being said, she was also getting two hours a day from her own two year old (only a 6 week old that sleeps). And I have asked others, but no luck.

So how am I feeling about this? It nearly breaks my heart. To me, it was more than a few hours alone. It was building a new, healthy me. It was me starting a new chapter in my life. Me making it out of the "obesity" zone. It was me building confidence and feeling good about myself. Me looking forward to getting out and running with my husband who does marathons for fun. I even started working on 5k training for when he got home. And of course looking good and fit was also a plus.

So now I'll look into other options at home in hopes that I will not put it off,like doing other housework that I'm already staring at all day. It's something that is very hard for me to get motivated to do. When I'm at home with my youngest and two dogs and a house that needs immidiate attention. It just sucks, I was making good progress. I'm down 27lbs in about two months. I need to get a stronger will power. And not let me gain all the weight back that I've lost....again. It's just so hard to stop cleaning, or running errands, or loads of laundry or taking the dogs out when I'm in the house, looking at everything that needs done. To stop and do some sort of workout on the tv would be the last thing on my mind.

So to all of you "at home workouters" how do you do it? What programs or videos do you guys like, that keeps you pumped to do it everyday?


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    I'm really sorry it worked out that way. It feels so much worse when you see the lifeline and then it gets yanked back than never getting one in the first place.

    BUT! Go you for your resolve on this one. I haven't started it yet but I just downloaded Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred from Amazon for $5, which seems like a good deal. (It's my backup plan for really bad weather.)

    I love playground workouts - - dunno what the weather is like where you are so might not be the best option right now, but if you're at the playground ANYway, it's a good one to have in your back pocket.

    Also google "bodyweight workouts" - from the same site, this is another great one to start with: .

    As far as motivation goes - I dunno, I just started doing it, and then kept doing it. Pick a time that works for you and stick to it - I have to work out first thing in the morning or I won't do it at all. I know it makes the rest of my day better - if I miss going to the gym two days in a row, I get crabby, and I try to pay attention to that feeling and remember that that's from NOT working out, not that I need a longer break. Pick exercises that YOU like - if I had started a running program I wouldn't have stuck with it at all, but it wouldn't have been "working out" that was the problem, it's just that I really, really hate running. Remember that your health and sanity are more important than a clean kitchen - if the dishes only get done once a day or the kids have to wear the same pants twice in a row, meh, nobody's going to die from that. I like unf* for housework planning. (Obviously you're going to have to correct that link for it to work.)

    But you sound pretty determined already, so keep hold of that. You can do it!
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    30 day shred jillian Michaels, 25 minutes. That's what i do, every single night! And i work 7am to 4pm with a10 month old son, me and my hubby make it work.
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    I do 30DS as well even on days I can hit the gym. Also do a kettlebell workout I found online if I feel I need to push myself extra hard any given day. 30DS is quick enough to do in the a.m. before it's time to get the kids up for school or in the evening after they're in bed and before I start studying. I just started, so results are pending, but I have several friends that swear by it and have visible results!
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    I do Leslie Sansone's Walk off the Pounds. I get up early and do it before the kids wake up. That way taking care of myself is looked after before my attention is pulled in a bazillion different directions by the kids.
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    I do Leslie Sansone's Walk off the Pounds. I get up early and do it before the kids wake up. That way taking care of myself is looked after before my attention is pulled in a bazillion different directions by the kids.

    I also do Leslie Sansone's Walking off the pounds. I try to get up earlier to do that before my hubby distracts me.