what is your favorite movie?



  • rikwaynik
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    Eve's Bayou
    Jane Eyre
    Bleak House
    Martin Chuzzlewitt
    The Remains Of The Day
    and movies like these :)
  • Verity1111
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    I second The Lakehouse, You've Got Mail, Sweet Home Alabama, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Wedding Singer as being spectacular. The Wedding Singer used to be my favorite movie too. I liked Napoleon Dynamite too. lol. My favorite movie of all time is Eat, Pray, Love, with Pay It Forward and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind close after it.
    Some others I love:
    The Pursuit of Happiness
    The Avengers
    Ninja Assassin
    Benny & Joon (Really many Johnny Depp movies: Finding Neverland, Pirates of The Caribbean, Alice In Wonderland, and yes, even Crybaby was pretty nice lol)
    Men In Black
    Independence Day
    I Am Legend
    Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    The Switch
    Kate & Leopold
    The Craft
    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
    The Ninja Turtles
    Meet Dave
    Beverley Hills Cop II
    Blast From The Past
    The Notebook
    Yes Man
    Pans Labyrinth (It was so good that I watched the entire movie, even though I don't speak Spanish and had to read the captions to understand it. lol)
    Tommy Boy
    Mean Girls
    Freaky Friday
    Raise Your Voice
    A Cinderella Story
    Cinderella (with Brandy)
    The Devil Wears Prada
    Ella Enchanted
    The Princess Diaries
    The Holiday
    A.I. Artificial Intelligence
    What Dreams May Come

    I also love Sandra Bullock. Premotion, Practical Magic and The Proposal.

    Please don't ask how it fits in this list, but I used to love Biodome. LOL I haven't seen it in a while, so I'm not sure how I feel now.

    I seriously didn't realize how long this list was. lmso
  • Verity1111
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    Favorite of AAAALLLLL time.

    OMG me too! Everytime I say my favourite movie is Crybaby no one has ever heard of it!
    I just seen this for the first time when it was on television a few weeks ago and my mom and husband watched it too. I was the only one who said I liked it. Lol. I actually thought it was pretty funny and unique.
  • xxTAMxx
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    The Notebook
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Bridget Jones Diary
    Shawshank Redemption
    As Good As It Gets
    Cold Mountain
    Sleepless In Seattle
    Pay It Forward
    My Sisters Keeper
    Somethings Gotta Give holds special memories for me. Laying in a bed in Rome with my sister, after eating pizza and gelato, watching it in italian...explaining to her what was happening because she hadn't seen it. :heart:
  • imanole
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    Wedding Crashers
    Step Brothers
    Bad Boys 2
    are the top 3 that come to mind! Seen each of them at least 30x
  • Irish_Eyes81
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    Schindler's List

    just the ones off the top of my head
  • jakiram
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    Sliding Doors -

    a great movie that I never get tired of. And I have never met another person who has seen it... other than my friends after I have recommended it.
  • nikilis
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    Favorite of AAAALLLLL time.

    OMG me too! Everytime I say my favourite movie is Crybaby no one has ever heard of it!

    all I remember is ricki lake, someone crying into a jar and drinking it, a lot of leather and im guessing river pheonix.

    my choice

  • TAKEN 1 & 2!! Awesome movies!!!
  • Italian_Buju
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  • nexangelus
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    I do not have ONE specific fave....here are a few:

    The Usual Suspects
    The Dark Crystal
    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
    Kill Bill 1 & 2
    The Vengeance Trilogy
    The Host (Korean monster movie)
    Balzac and The LIttle Chinese Seamstress
    Vertical Ray of the Sun
    Three Seasons
    The Gods Must Be Crazy
    Studio Ghibli animations are all great (beat Disney pap hands down!)
    Belleville Rendezvous
    Das Experiment
    Paranoid Park
    Ip Man
    The Science of Sleep

    I could go on and on, the list is long, but this is the gist...
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Labyrinth and The Princess Bride.

    I love you! I'd probably say Labyrinth is my all time favourite film EVER!!!! It does change - LOTR (especially Return of the King), The Little Mermaid, Goonies, Braveheart but i ALWAYS go back to Labyrinth! :flowerforyou:
  • patty1949
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  • 10 things I hate about you.

    Love love love love love.

    I can't watch that now without crying! Became a BIG time Heath fan after seeing this at the cinema!
  • loopingcaterpillar
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    Amelie, pans labyrinth, the girl who leapt through time, howls moving castle and sweeney todd. and life is beautiful.
  • Italian_Buju
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    While I am here, I should plug my group for movie lovers!!

  • Avengers Assemble
    James Bond

    I can't think of just one, and theres more but I can't think right now :-P

    Edit to add Shawshank Redemption and Date night!
  • zyxst
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    Conan the Barbarian. I get teared up when Valeria the Valkyrie saves Conan from getting his head pulverized.
  • Woodduck2000
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