If you were to move.... far far away, where would that be?



  • thoseblueeyes
    thoseblueeyes Posts: 812 Member
    Anywhere that I could live by the ocean in shorts and bikini top! I hate to be cold!
  • I would move from Michigan to Arizona or even Italy.:flowerforyou:
  • The_Fragile
    The_Fragile Posts: 10 Member
    From Galax, Virginia to Anywhere in Italy :D
  • heagler870
    heagler870 Posts: 280 Member
    I want to move to Colorado. I'm strongly considering saving up so I can move there. I just want a fresh start. Start over and go some place where I don't know anyone.
  • BronnersHarris
    BronnersHarris Posts: 247 Member
    From Bristol, England to Torquay, Australia.

    I'm from Aust and would give anything to move back there one day and be surrounded by all my family. I would love to live in Seattle again for a few years though.
  • New Zealand :0)
  • ObtainingBalance
    ObtainingBalance Posts: 1,446 Member
    To Canada...
  • SongDragon
    SongDragon Posts: 205 Member
    I love living in New England, but since my boyfriend lives in Toronto, moving up to Canada isn't out of the question someday. I was in Nova Scotia for three years of school. It was nice. I did not like the desert, though, when I lived in Las Vegas. So moving to anywhere like Arizona or Nevada wouldn't be an option I'd relish.
  • RubySinclair
    RubySinclair Posts: 90 Member
    From SE Mass to......
    New Zealand
    or Little Abaco
  • HurricaneElaine
    HurricaneElaine Posts: 984 Member
    From north of Boston, MA - to anywhere that's warm and sunny all year 'round. AND it also has to be a place where you don't have to worry about hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes or erupting volcanoes. That narrows it down a bit.. :laugh:
  • mia840
    mia840 Posts: 42
    Washington to Africa :D
  • ruperthumphrey
    ruperthumphrey Posts: 195 Member
    I would love to go to England!! and New Zealand, Australia and would love to live in Western Canada....so beautiful there and the people are different there!
  • I live outside of KC, MO but I would love to move to Colorado....it just felt like home when we vacationed there last summer...so much so that I started looking at houses that were for sale.
    We live sooo close to all of our family and don't take this wrong but I would have no problem packing up and leaving everything. I live in the same town that my grandparents, parents, and half my family STILL live in! I want to see mountains every morning when I wake up!

    Outside of the US....I would go anywhere...Italy, Greece, Australia, I don't care I'd try anything!
  • admnmtpilot
    admnmtpilot Posts: 132 Member
    From NC to Maine (in the US) and Australia (out of the US)
  • neverstray
    neverstray Posts: 3,845 Member
    I would move from SoCal to a cabin in the mountains far, far away where my nearest neighbor is miles away and I'm just out there own my own. Just me and my dog.

    We're talking ideal, right? That's it for me. I'm ready to check out of society.
  • fizzletto
    fizzletto Posts: 252 Member
    I'm not sure really. I live near Bath, England, and have done so all my life, and if I'm perfectly honest I really like it here. I've been many places in this wide world and had some incredible experiences but at the end of the day there's always something not right or something that bothers me about every other place that isn't home.

    I'd love to live in New York City for just a little while, but I could never live there long-term.
  • reztib
    reztib Posts: 151 Member
    We lived in Houston TX and didn't like being away from friends and family. So the upper Mid-West is where we will remain. But we would love to live in Colorado. My wife dad's side grew up for a time in Colorado. I have been there twice and absolutely love it. So beautiful, the people are pretty nice like in the Mid-West. Super expensive but otherwise I love it. You get the snow but it melts a lot quicker than up here. Almost perfect I think.
  • jessica0danielle
    jessica0danielle Posts: 70 Member
    omg i live in west virginia and i would love to live in montana or texas :) thats my dream places i would have a big ol pit bull farm/rescue facility..thinking about it makes my heart melt
  • crabbyab90
    crabbyab90 Posts: 111 Member
    I'm moving from Connecticut to Seattle which is my dream move :) otherwise it would be somewhere in Europe
  • Marie31450
    Marie31450 Posts: 96 Member
    I'm a Rhode Islander too! If I could live anywhere in the USA..probably somewhere warm like the Carolina's or Sedona. If overseas..definitely Italy..under the Tuscan sun!