Damn You, Mirror. Damn You...



  • NikkiSixGuns
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    What a great husband you have. Hug that man, then make him a sammich! Quick!

    Great job =)
  • Angel0787
    Angel0787 Posts: 190 Member
    Aww...I teared up there.. Great job on the 20lbs, and that's a sweet husband you have :)
  • surromom2010
    surromom2010 Posts: 457 Member
    Holy crap, Tears.
  • jacquelyn_erika
    jacquelyn_erika Posts: 524 Member
    This is a beautiful story. Your husband is very sweet and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the great work!
  • soehlerking
    soehlerking Posts: 589 Member
    ...and i had JUST fixed my make-up. :) that's a good man you've got there. (and a crappy mirror.)
  • harlanJEN
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    I can't say LOVE THIS strongly or loudly enough - or often enough !

  • LOVE THIS post so much. I hate the mirrors in my house.
  • batgirlmama
    batgirlmama Posts: 99 Member
    that is so beautiful!
  • tigerlily8045
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    Ok Awesome on your 20 lbs, and what a smart hubby you have! For 1) realizing there was something wrong with the mirror and 2) making you realize you are awesome to him no matter what.
  • Barbell_Jules
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    Your husband's response was wonderful!!! What a man!
  • LisaH1967
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    Great job and what a wonderful hubby you have!
  • Letters24You
    Letters24You Posts: 263 Member
    lol this was a very funny story and I can completely relate!
  • I may be extra emotional and a little PMS'y, but this literally made me tear up!!! How awesome :smile:

    You and me both, and not even PMS'y!

    :) So happy for you and "YAY" for kick-*kitten* husbands! :)
  • kenazfehu
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    That's so sweet!

    I will look at my hind-view in the mirror and be in absolute despair, then my husband will say something about what a great back-side I have. What is wrong with that man?
  • minkakross
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    what a great story, now seriously get rid of that fun house mirror!
  • AmyJMadison
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    What a great story! I love that he realizes the "amazing" in you and thanks for sharing so we can confirm that the rest of world sees the beautiful you too! I bet YOU see your husband as Superman now !
  • Love this! Thanks for sharing! And yes, go make him a sammich - with extra cheese! :)
  • paulasnchz
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    What an amazing experience. You almost made me cry!
  • parys1
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    Your story made me happy.
  • ShandiH
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    Awesome post! Thank you!! :flowerforyou: