Favorite Skinnytaste Recipes



  • fox2star
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    I'm new here, how do you find the recipes to the meals you are talking about? They all sound so good!
  • the baked chicken Parmesan is to die for. Like seriously delicious. I've made it several times and every time people can't believe its not bad for you.

    I also love the Skinny broccoli mac and cheese. Totally tastes super cheesy and delicious!
  • elizabethis
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    I haven't actually cooked anything from that site but it all looks very good. The one I got closest to cooking was the super simple steak/onions/peppers one I posted last week because it's so simple (then I derailed and made homemade meatballs because I felt like it).

    I really suck at following recipes. I look at it, think it's a great deal, then go off on a "You're not the boss of me!!" tangent and make whatever tweaks I want to the recipe to make it my own.

    Makes it hard to log for sure :P but it always comes out delicious.

    Foolproof plan: Lean meat and some sort of veggies, roasted or sauteed... Super helpful, I am.
  • elizabethis
    elizabethis Posts: 155 Member
    Your reply made me smile! Super cute, it was. I'm just like that
    don't follow a recipe accurately for the life of me. OOps. Sorry for the double picture post.
  • Brandi1168
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    I didn't read all of the responses. I like the skinny pernil (puerto rican pork roast), the cuban quesadillas (with the leftover pernil), jalepeno popper stuffed chicken, fiesta lime rice, and the crockpot chicken taco chili. In that order. :)
  • Brandi1168
    Brandi1168 Posts: 105 Member
    Oh and the sausage and summer vegetables. Sooo good and filling. Thinking about making this (or the roasted sausage and peppers) for Christmas breakfast, but we've had it for dinner too.
  • mockchoc
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  • marissajeanne
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    I'm new here, how do you find the recipes to the meals you are talking about? They all sound so good!

  • dab52776
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  • knitmom71
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    I just made the sweet potato shepherd's pie (yesterday's post). It was yummy! Even my kids loved it.
  • corimat17
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  • The roasted chicken sausage with potatoes & peppers. It's a family favorite. I make it at least once every other week now. We're having tonight, actually!
  • thisisiamj
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    broccoli mac and cheese, stuffed cabbage... pretty much anything on there is yummy.
  • 1yoyoKAT
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    I love the mini turkey meatloaves (I add mushrooms), crab cakes with corn, minestrone (I add the mini turkey meatballs) and tuna noodle casserole. It's usually just me I'm cooking for so I have a foodsaver and freeze what I make in convenient portions and it works out really well.
  • Danam48
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    Meatball and spaghetti soup.. add orange peppers... made me make all kinds of happy noises when I ate it. Used cheese tortellini instead of spaghetti...delish
  • scheatwood
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    Lasagna rolls. When I'm unsure of hat to make for dinner, I browse this site, I love it!