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extra skin

i have lost a bit of weight and im wondering if the skin on my waist line will return to the way it was before i got really heavy or will i need to seek the help from a surgeon to remove flabby skin.


  • chrtyA
    chrtyA Posts: 39
    How much weight lost? I would give it a good year after weight loss and see how things go but yes it may be that only a surgeon can get rid of it. A bit different situation but have "twin skin" after carrying twins for 39 weeks no way it will all go away unless I got a tummy tuck.
  • slkehl
    slkehl Posts: 3,801 Member
    You're young enough that there is a good chance it will. If you have more to lose, make sure to lose it slowly (1-2lbs/wk) to save your skin's elasticity
  • bradphil87
    bradphil87 Posts: 617 Member
    I have quite a bit :( I'm hoping it will go away naturally (I don't care how long it takes) I've seen the tummy tuck pics...good lord....I honestly wasn't expecting it to be so brutal. In the mean time I'm attempting to fill some of it out with muscle and a bulk, it seems to be working well my arms and legs are fine, my stomach is the worst so I just keep on going. No matter what tho, I'd prefer this skin then the fat I used to have lol :)
  • dukslayer4051
    dukslayer4051 Posts: 66 Member
    i have lost almost 90# im trying to lose 30ish more.