I am not lying anymore NSV

So I now weigh less than what my driving license says LOL

And I am so close to being able to say I am only overweight I can smell it - it will be the firstt time in 15 years!


  • girlwapp
    girlwapp Posts: 136 Member
    Whoop whoop! Aw yeah! That's awesome!
  • Melo1966
    Melo1966 Posts: 881 Member
    Awesome, one of my main goals is to get to my driver's licence weight.:happy:
  • MissNations
    MissNations Posts: 513 Member
  • mjterp
    mjterp Posts: 655 Member
    <----Stands up and does a happy dance for you!

    I can't WAIT until it is true for ME as well!!!
  • larryc0923
    larryc0923 Posts: 557 Member
  • jeffreyjording
    jeffreyjording Posts: 67 Member
    Awesome! It was a major accomplishment when my BMI hit 29.9 and I was just overweight and no longer obese. Keep at it.
  • RunningMom42
    RunningMom42 Posts: 121 Member
    I had to get mine out to check. I still have 12 pounds to go.
  • Otterluv
    Otterluv Posts: 9,083 Member
    Hee, hee. I just checked mine, I am still 10 pounds away. Holy moly did I fib when I filled that out.
  • nxd10
    nxd10 Posts: 4,570 Member
  • so_losin_it
    so_losin_it Posts: 25 Member
    I haven't had an honest weight on my license...ever! That's so awesome! :)
  • bradphil87
    bradphil87 Posts: 617 Member
    That's awesome!!!! I remember when that happened for me too, now mine is lying the other way lol by almost 50 lbs haha
  • GnaBean
    GnaBean Posts: 112 Member
    Not too long ago, my bank account was compromised so I had to file a police report. As is standard practice, the officer asked to see my driver's license. He asked if the address was current. I told him everything was current, except my weight. And maybe my hair color. I don't remember what color I said it was back then! It changes often.
  • angelique_redhead
    angelique_redhead Posts: 782 Member
    Congratulations! I don't think they make us put our weight on our drivers license here. The color definitely needs to go what it was on my DL though.
  • kel665
    kel665 Posts: 401 Member
    Woohoo! We don't have weight recorded on our drivers license but we have a photo and I can't wait to lose the double chin that is in mine! :)
  • LittleMiss_WillLoseIt
    LittleMiss_WillLoseIt Posts: 1,373 Member
    Whoop whoop!! Wtg!!! Cant wait to say this!! Haha. :) great NSV!!
  • spoons81
    spoons81 Posts: 51 Member
    I'm so glad we don't have a field for weight on our IDs!! I currently have a 6 year license that will be expiring next year... I've gained about 40 lbs since that picture was taken. Hopefully I can get back there before my next photo op!
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