Attention Tall Ladies (5'8" and Up)



  • talaysia3
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    I'm 5'9" used to be 5'11 before kids :(

    I currently weigh 242, would like to weigh about 160 and see how that looks and go from there. When I was 130 I was too thin except for my hip/butt area.

    Currently I am just trying to watch what I eat and exercise more to get to my goal.
  • I'm 6' and currently weigh 150. My goal wight was 155 lbs, but kept going. I'm wearing size 6 pants and small tops. I have a small frame, and am kind of pear shaped, I guess you'd say. I started out at 213.

    I run a few days a week and lift heavy as well. I love both! Right now, I'm attempting to eat at maintenance, but it's really hard to get 2000+ calories in of healthy decent food!!
  • TashiaMH
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    5ft 10 inches currently at 349lbs HW 378 back in August.
    I have no idea if I'm small or large framed as I've been over weight my whole life.
    GW would be 190, but it depends on what I look like.
    My shape is hourglass, small under the bust and slender calves. But we'll see what is revealed in 100 lbs lost or so. :D

    Anyone else proud to be a tall chick? I know some people are self conscious about it, It's always been a point of pride for me. Plus with my ginormous feet I always find my size shoes on clearance. ;)
  • rebeccap13
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    Height: 5'8
    Current Weight: 175 (I think, haven't weighed in a couple weeks)
    Goal Weight: I switch between 155 and 145... we'll see when I get to 155
    Body Shape: Pear

    I lift, run, do yoga and CrossFit. I eat 1700-2000cals per day, relatively low carb most days just because most of my trigger foods are carb heavy foods like bread and pasta so working on the moderation thing. Kind of have an issue with gluten so you'll see a lot of gluten free in my diary. Eating well and lifting has done wonders for my body composition and energy levels.

    Ultimate goal, I want to be strong and be able to tackle all the physical activities I want to complete in my life. :)
  • nancycaregiver
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    I'm 5' 10". My SW was 260. GW=176. so far I've lost 61 pounds and I'm only 23pounds from goal. I do low carb. I seem to have stalled here so I started exercising everyday. Hoping weight loss will kick in again.
    Some of you people are extremely underweight and have unrealistic goals for your height, regardless of your frame size.
  • JuliesZenpuppy7400
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    I'm 5'9" and my current weight is 261. My goal weight is 190 but will see when I get there if I feel like I need/want to lose more. I probably haven't seen my weight in the 100's since jr. high so I have no idea what 190 even looks like. I am using MFP. I weigh in every Wednesday with a TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) group. Keep my calories at 1500 and exercise just about everyday including walking on my treadmill, 30 Day Shred and TurboJam.
  • tequila09
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    I'm curious...
    (& also looking for some perspective and motivation)

    What's your height & What's your goal weight? (& current weight if you don't mind)
    What's your "body type" and your shape, as you see it?

    & most importantly, how are you going toward your goals!?

    Im 5'8 cw 146.8 I dont have a goal weight but my goal body fat % is 20 where im currently 28ish. I have started the turbofire/p90x hybrid program to get to my goal! I went from 164 to this by just counting calories and exercising inconsistently.
  • MireyGal76
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    i'm 6'1" and range from 165 - 168lbs
    I'm pretty much at goal weight.

    I would say im athletic and mildly hourglass shaped

    I have finally moved toward maintenance, but at the same time are pushing for more and better strength. :)
    I live and eat relaxed, don't log religiously, but bust my *kitten* whenever I get a chance. :)
  • Natihilator
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    So many different goals for similar heights. This thread is proof that the BMI criteria is BULL****! :laugh:

    I'm 5'8.
    Hourglass, broad shoulders and hips.
    Large framed.
    I THINK I'm naturally muscular-prone, but I also have a thick layer of fat.
    I hike, Zumba and am just getting back into lifting heavy things.

    My starting weight was 250+. I don't actually know because I waited about a week and a half after doing intense exercising and a reduced calorie intake to weigh myself, so I could have started around 255. That's a scary thought.

    Currently around 221lbs, wearing sz 14-16. I've never been in a healthy weight range as an adult, so 160lbs.A is my first goal. As I go down in weight, I'll probably shift to a BF% goal instead. I'd love to fit into a size 8 but if it's not maintainable, then it is what it is.
  • Moosycakes
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    Current weight is 132 lbs.
    Goal weight is 123 lbs, but that's liable to change, I'll probably go lower.
    I wear a US size 4-6, goal dress size is 4-2.

    I'm hourglass shaped, but with a large bust for the rest of me (30F)
    I have a small frame, and I don't really gain muscle or fat easily.

    I'm restricting, and really strict with my intake.
  • nailtechbec
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    Current weight around 190
    Goal weight around 150
    I'm not being strict on my goal weight as long as I look and feel better.
    I do zumba at least twice a week and I have jillians box set altho that's getting a little dusty. I plan to up my workouts and I am looking at getting a treadmill at home. I need to be a bit better with my eating habits and not give in to temptation so easily ! I get married in may and I want to be at my goal by January but I'm thinking that may be a little unrealistic. I tend to lose weight from my top half first so I guess I am a pear shape ! I'm going to hit it hard from now on, good luck on your journeys ladies x
  • I'm 6'.. When I started here I was 87 kgs (about 190 lbs I think) and now I'm 84 kgs (about 182 lbs?). I haven't been on for very long! I think the weight I'm targetting is something like 70 kgs (155 lbs). That's smack in the middle of my BMI range and since I've got an hourglass-shaped body with ridiculously wide shoulders and wide hips, I don't think I should be lighter than that.

    What seems to be working very well for me in way of a diet/lifestyle is Intermittent Fasting. Whenever I limit myself to eating between 4 in the afternoon and 9 at night, I lose the weight steadily. It's not unhealthy! As long as you progress into doing it slowly There's lots of reading material about it online, but I'd recommend for clear basics. I have found that regular low-calorie diets really don't work for me and I think height might really be a factor in that!

    Whichever weight loss option you choose: good luck!
  • 5'8
    Starting 168
    Current 144
    Aiming for 120-130, whatever suits my body best.
    I'm a pear shape, Jean size is 7 and shirts/dress size is small :)
  • juncture
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    I'm 5'9 and started out at 213lbs, currently at 195lbs and aiming for around 161lbs which is at the higher end of the normal range but I don't think I'd look healthy any smaller than that :)

    And as for body shape I've always had a tummy that sticks out (partly because I have a fairly prominent curve in my spine) but I also have good sized boobs and hips so not sure what that makes me!
  • dad106
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    Started at 180, Currently at 150... and maintaining for a year.

    Honestly, I cut out nothing from my diet... and instead I just at the serving size instead of the whole item.
    Exercise was/is walking(now running) and lifting weights.

    I'm pretty pear shaped, but now I'm just a smaller pear.
  • axialmeow
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    I'm 5'10". My goal is 180lbs right now. Yes, still not a healthy weight but I haven't been under 200lbs since grade school(maybe 3rd grade?). If I even get to 180lbs it will be a miracle!! I honestly can't imagine it happening to be honest.
  • MNA76
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  • nrd2212
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    SW; 272
    CW: 144.6 Yes, that half pound counts ;-)
    GW: approx 140-142, but I care more about getting around 18% bodyfat, I'm at 22% now

    I'm pear shaped.

    I lift 2x a week and cardio/abs 3 days.
  • BronnersHarris
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    I guess I'm a boyish shape - very straight up and down with no butt.

    I started at 135 when I joined and dropped down to 129. I then found out about lifting and have increased my cals to about 2500 a day to and just weighed in today at 143lbs. Think I will continue the higher cals for another week and then lower to about 2000 and try and cut down to 135. Regardless of actual scale weight I would like to lower bodyfat by about 3%. Am having it tested monthly starting Wednesday so that will be my new gage instead of the scales.

    I'm a UK 8.
  • kristen6022
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    5'11. Medium Frame. Hourglass shape. Started at 190, today weighed in at 146. I'm a US 4/6, S tops. I'm the happiest if I stay in the mid- 140's, when the scale creeps up to 155 I get serious about getting back down...