Something Amazing Happened Today!

confuseacat Posts: 137 Member
Took my son to the mall today. We had lunch at the food court and I was very selective about my choice. We chose Asian food Rice,Teriyaki Chicken , Mixed veg w/cabbage. Here's the amazing part. I LEFT FOOD ON MY PLATE.
I really got throught the meat and veg but could only eat about half the rice. This has never happened to me before without a longing to eat what I left. Today I stopped and truely did not want to eat what was left and didn't feel guilty about leaving it. Maybe I really can change the way I look at food with the help of MFP. Amazing.


  • Jparadise72
    Great Job!!! Keep up the great work! :bigsmile:
  • 123gonnareachit
  • Corbinsmom
    Corbinsmom Posts: 117
    That is awesome!!!!! You can do this. What a great victory!
  • bttrflykisses820
    That's excellent!

    Another thing you might notice... i have... is that you will feel guilty if you feel too full after you are done eating. I always do! Even if I didn't go over my calories or eat anything bad... the feeling of being full just seems wrong. lol You are suppose to stop eating before you get to that point... so i guess that's why.
  • kittytrix
    kittytrix Posts: 557 Member
    Congrats!!! I have noticed that, too recently!
  • raqattack8
    That is wonderful!! I used to feel guilty wasting my food because I was always brought up that wasting food is bad because there are starving people in the world and we paid good money for that etc etc. but i read a book and it said waste or waist (which would you prefer) LOL... good for you!! think waste or waist
  • fitladyfawkes
    fitladyfawkes Posts: 138 Member
  • SoldierDad
    SoldierDad Posts: 1,602
    That is amazing darling! I am so proud of you!
  • nsking83
    nsking83 Posts: 145
    YEAH!!! I can't wait til that starts happening to me.....

    I was raised like most of you were, probably.....clear your plate....don't waste you know how many children would love to have that food right now?

    I know my stopping points, but I tend to sit and pick at things if they just sit if I go to a restaurant, get a dish, and there's that amount that's too much to eat but really too little to take home, I give my fork to my husband and cover it with a napkin til the waiter/ress takes it away. Or I ask for a box right away and just fork off half of it.
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