Ladies over 200??



  • TamiJillSM08
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    This is an great thread - so much optimism & encouragement toward each other! Chiming back in to say, anyone who wants to, add me! :)
  • witchy_wife
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    Feel free to add me! Started at 250.... down about 200 at the moment, looking to get to 150ish. Also got two kiddies :)

    This applies to others too, not just OP xx
  • amanda_danielle18
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    you can definitely add me as a friend! :)
    i'm 227 right now, but before summer started i was 245! and i really do need to thank MFP for that, because if it weren't for me having to sign into MFP every day, i would have never gotten that weight off. If i would have stuck to it much better, I would probably be out of the 200's by now, but it's definitely a work in progress. It really is extremely hard to lose weight, and it takes so much dedication, but i'm learning.
    So anyway, you can add me! :) i need the motivation just as much as all of you! :)
  • gaylew65
    Hello All! I weighed on Wed and have gain the weight i lost before my shoulder surgery. I would love to have all of you as friends, i am also needing lots of motivation. I weigh in at 267 and have a short term goal of 200. Please feel free to add me and i will send request out to you as well !! Good Luck to all and Happy Holidays!!
  • BoboBizu
    I'm in a similar situation and also looking for friends :) Please feel free to add me! I just signed up and can use some support :)
  • SWilcox818
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    Hi to everyone who has responded to this post. I am a single mother of a 2 year girl who has decided that I no longer want to be overweight. I want to set the right example for my daughter and to have the energy and stamina to keep up with her. Sure would be nice to have my clothes fit nicely and comfortably again. I am currently on this journey with my mother as well who also wants to set the right example for my daughter. I started at 247.8 (end of Sept) and as of this morning am at 232.6. I would love additional friends to provide support and for whom I can provide additional support. Anyone in this chain who fits this criteria, please send me a friend request. :-)
  • kayaus
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    I'm currently at 299.5, but started at 316. My highest weigt was 321. I just started recently and I am easing myself into it. Everytime I start, I always go 100% then I crash and burn 1-2 weeks later and never get back on track. I am looking for peeps that will help motivate me through my struggles. As well as help others! Sending you a friends request. :) Anyone else can add me too if you like!
  • donyellemoniquex3
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    Currently 232 started 240

    Feel free to add me. I log in every day !
  • conbryant48
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    Hi Everyone, I feel inspired on this site! I am new to MFP and I weigh in at 214. I would love to be friends with anyone that would like to add me. The more the merrier!!! :laugh:
  • Kaleigh2013
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    I'm new and looking for friends too. :) Feel free to add me.
  • almartini11
    Feel free to add me too! I am 5 11 and want to get down to 175:-D it is hard work but we can do it together!
  • photogal375
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    I am over 200 and have a similar story as you. I would love to have more friends. Please feel free to add me. Anyone feel free to add me.... I'd love to help cheer you on!!
  • Ivey05131980
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    Feel free to add me, any of you..I have LOTS to lose...and I'm on all the time...even more than FAcebook, wow, never thought THAT would happen!
  • crimsongypsy
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    Hey I started this whole weight-loss shindig a few weeks ago at 244 lbs. I'm sitting at 238 now. Lets be buds : )
  • Nnnnanci
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    Hello, I am starting today at 207. I have been struggling for quite awhile with a million reasons. None of which are good enough .... LOL. I have heard wonderful things about this program. Indeed motivation and will do the same.
  • Nnnnanci
    Nnnnanci Posts: 2 Member
    my post says that I started in 2011. Does that tell you anything? I just signed back on today...... Ugh. I am ready this time . I welcome any help........
  • elizcarman
    I have been working seriously at losing weight for only the last 10 weeks which is when I started logging my food on MFP. This is the first time I have looked at the community tab and discovered a possible support system. Anyone who wants to can add me as a friend. It will be wonderful to share the ups and downs with others!
  • Lady_Pieface
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    Feel free to add me, too! I was two twenty when I started, and when I dropped below two hundred, I teared up. I had convinced myself that I'd never do it, but I did. Good luck to you!!
  • jamndyl
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    Add me too, I'm a mom of two and really want to get healthy for them more than anything. I'm currently at 226 lbs.
  • juggalus
    250 lbs here...5 kids(31,26,23,16&12)...3 grandsons, one granddaughter and one on the way =D
    Just started 4 days ago walking...haven't started managing my diet darn busy, but I'm going to sit down this weekend and start planning. My motivation is to live to see all of my grandchildren grow up and maybe some great-grandchildren too. :bigsmile:
    You can add me also.