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Hello everyone out there in cyberspace. I'm glad to find this website. I've recently joined a weight loss challenge game and was told about this site. So far I love it. I'm volunteering on a hospital ship in Africa for 9 weeks so my food intake is different here but I'm really hoping to get some good routines in place before I go home. I'm lookign forward to hearing from others and helping each other along.


  • missymrowland
    Wow so cool that you are volunteering. What foods are available to you ?
  • flyingkayak
    flyingkayak Posts: 3 Member
    The meals are made for us (it is very nice) There are always cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce but sometimes I just don't want that every day. We also have mangos, pineapple, and watermelon so it is easy to have fresh fruit and veggies. The problem is that there is a baker on the ship right now and he makes all kinds of goodies, and there is always high carb hot meals. I'm trying to learn how to really do portions and not have extra snacks.