30DS is not enough anymore! Joining the Gym, need advice.

I live around the corner from Gold's gym and am finally joining. I admit, I am intimidated. When I used to go to the gym I would do 20-45 minutes of cardio then use the weight machines in the ladies only section on the heaviest weight I could do 3 reps of 12 on. I would like to take some classes, but I have never had the nerve. I hate being the newbie. There is a group power class at Gold's that I'm interested in but I don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of very fit people judging the pudgy mom. New people and feeling out of place make me anxious.
So... any advice at all would be appreciated, I want to be fit and healthy more than I want to be skinny. I just don't even know where to start! I enjoy cardio so I want to include that as part of a routine.


  • kaytbaggs
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    I use to feel the same way, and sometimes still do. But you have to start somewhere! Start in beginner classes and hang out near the back, that should help you feel better. But don't forget to tell yourself, at least you are there! There are so many people that don't even go.

    Once you get through a few classes I promise that you will feel a lot better about yourself and you will see that it's no big deal ;) You are also going to make some friends along the way because you will see them in the classes and they will be great at holding you accountable for going to class!

    Congratulations on joining the gym!!! You're gonna love it!!!

    and p.s. I'm still the most uncoordinated person when I go to Zumba class and I love it anyways!!! :D
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    Best advice.... get over it and join the class. in a few classes you won't be the new one anymore.

    Everyone at the gym is there to get fit.. I can't speak for everyone...but I NEVER judge anyone for being at the gym. Doesn't matter how much you weigh... you are AT THE GYM. With that being said, some people are *kitten* so just keep going so eventually you can beat them up.
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    What about some expertise on routine?
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    I was in the same boat 30 days ago...especially with weight and strength training in the gym. With cardio machines I started out at 20- 30 minutes (ellipitical, treadmill, bike etc). I started going longer especially on the elliptical for 40- 50 mins or treadmill to get my heart rate going (I programmed from weight loss, to cardio, or intervals).
    With weight and strength training I was intimidated by all the stocky people there, so i would drag a friend with me. First I worked on my arms and legs, sometimes abs. It gets easier after a few weeks :)
    now I go like its no ones business because I need that burn! With weights you do burn allot of fat
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    With a toddler I don't think a routine exists. At our house it doesn't. I'm planning on finding the classes I like then using them as my routine. I figure I'll do a class then 30 min or so of machines. I'm going to aim for 3 days a week to start and then try to make it 5 days per week once I get into a groove. Good luck!!
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    With a toddler I don't think a routine exists. At our house it doesn't. I'm planning on finding the classes I like then using them as my routine. I figure I'll do a class then 30 min or so of machines. I'm going to aim for 3 days a week to start and then try to make it 5 days per week once I get into a groove. Good luck!!

    I'm lucky in one way, she goes to bed at 7 every night and I can go in the evenings. They also have childcare so I can go Saturdays and I can fit in a quick workout after work a couple days a week as well if needed.
    I might do a walk by on the classes I'm thinking of taking and check them out first.
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    You might not be the only new one. When I started Zumba, there were four new people in class and we live in a small town and so I was pretty happy about that..

    Or do you know someone who can go with you??
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    I don't really have any friends willing to go to the gym with me. My one friend lost 80 pounds using Dr. Bernstein and hates working out. My other friends aren't interested in fitness or the gym. My husband is not interest in working out and doesn't need to lose any weight. I guess I just have to tough it out and make myself go. I'm not really sure on what to do for routine so I guess I'll just pay attention to what others are doing and see how outrageously expensive a session or two would be with a personal trainer.
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    Have you tried another gym? I mean there was one that used to make me feel intimidated but when I decided to join the Y, it was totally different. All shapes and sizes at the Y and we are all there for one goal, getting healthy. Sometimes though its just a matter of going and doing it. You may find you make some new friends that will support you!
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    They should give you at least one or two free personal training sessions when you sign up. Bare minimum they should help you get a routine set up. You've already lost so much so you must be doing something right! Everyone needs a different routine based on what their goals and abilities are, and the trainers there should be able to guide you best.

    Good luck girlie, I know you'll do great!
  • Don't worry about them! Honestly, if they judge thats their problem, you're there to get fit!

    Some advice...I like to force myself to set up at the front of the class so that I get more motivation from looking at myself in the mirror (I'm assuming they have mirrors in the classes) and checking my form is correct......Also it might help you get over your nerves as you won't be able to see anyone looking at you because you're busy looking at yourself! :)

    Good Luck!!
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    So you know for a fact that you will be the only "pudgy" one in there and everyone else will be awesome?
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    Most of the time, they are just glad to see you are there. Yes, there are some jerks out there who will judge...They have the problem, not you. Cardio is great. I do that regularly. Lift heavy... Don't worry about bulking... Heavy lifting helps tone. Best wishes.
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    I've been going to a turbo kickboxing class for 7 months now and I still mess up a routine. Who cares?! As long as you're moving, you're working out. Ya just gotta laugh at yourself... chances are you'll see other people mess up a bunch too. I know when I go to a new class, it's nerveracking, but ya know what... I make sure that when they ask if there are any new people in the class that I raise my hand, so when you do mess up people know it's your first time! Just go and enjoy-you'll find that you will love it! Good Luck!
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    I started with 30DS also and then joined the gym. You know what, some of their classes were easier than Jillian! They even used a lot of the same moves! Try something like 'body conditioning' if they have it as it will work similar parts that you're used to which might help build your confidence to try all the classes.

    My new gym has a lot harder classes than my old gym but I have no problems keeping up now - your fitness will keep improving as you push yourself.
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    Do it! And think of it as "your place"...your hangout! Who cares what everyone else is doing? I know I don't as long as they aren't hogging a weight machine or talking on their cell phones. Most of the people at my gym are college students or grandmothers in the area where I work out. I'm 39 so I figure none of them are really looking at what I'm doing! I think some of them are thinking, "Holy crud, that chubby girl can really walk fast on a 15 percent incline or OMG I have to use a lot less weight than that chubby girl." And that makes me laugh inside. :laugh:

    Get a couple of training sessions. Mix things up. I don't like classes very much, but I rarely get bored and enjoy mixing in swimming with my weight lifting and cardio. If you like classes, do them. I'm just not coordinated and I don't really like any except sports conditioning. Try some circuits if you get bored easily.

    See if you can get a week or two free pass to make sure it's the right gym for you. Gyms are like coffee shops, bars, grocery stores, etc. You have to find the one that feels like YOUR hangout.