5'3' with a target of 145 / 150 pounds looking for friends.

I'm a 5'3 42 year old with a target of around 145/150 (isn) I'm not too sure until I get near where I will want to stop.
I'm looking for friends with similar goals to give mutual support and share diaries.... I find other peoples diaries very inspirational :)

Starting Weight: 183 pounds / 83 kg
Current Weight: 175 Pounds / 79.3 kg
Goal Weight: 150 Pounds / 68 kg

I've seen lots of women on here with much lower goals and I know I would be sitting at the top end of the 'recommended weight charts' but I'd actually like to keep some curves and really want to see how I feel and look when I get to around 155 lbs before I decide further.

also any success stories for older women my hight would be greatly appreciated :)


  • I'm also 5'3" and my goal is 145. The smallest I have ever been is 128, but that was in high school, so I know thats not a realistic goal for me. So, I decided 145, cause I too want to keep my curves. I'm much farther from my goal though, my starting weight is 322.. Feel free to add me if you like :D
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    I'm 5'5. When I decided to start losing weight (when I hit 160) I had the same thing happen. I set a goal of 145 lbs and thought I would be done losing weight. I'm now 137 and counting down:) Feel free to add me if your looking for a little motivation and support:D
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    Hello, I'm 5'3" and started at 155. I will be 43 tomorrow. I know I don't fit what you are looking for, but thought it might help you to see what 155 looks like on 5'3" since I started there (my profile pic). It might help you to set your goals. :)
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    I'm 5'3.5" and my goal is about the same as yours -- the top end of the normal weight range (140-150lbs) and then figure things out from there. I started 20 pounds heavier though.

    SW: 204lbs
    CW: 169lbs

    Add me if you like. I'm in the middle of moving, ending my old job, and starting a new one so I haven't been doing my food diary the last few days, but in the next couple of days I will return to logging everything I eat, and my food diary is open.
  • Good luck with that, people here aren't "friending" type
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    Hi, I'm 5'4'' and 40 years old. I'm on this site since March 2012 and my started weight was 153.4 lbs. This morning, I weight 144 lbs and I'm aiming 140 lbs, My food & exercise diaries are open to my friends, so if you like you can add me as friend :)
  • I'm 5'4, at 191, looking to hit 145 :) I started at 194 and I've been doing this for...20 days

    Haven't made much progress, but feel free to add me :)
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    HI! Im 5'3 ish , 40 and that is exactly my goal. :) Ill be your friend but as to sharing diaries mine arent very inspiring.
  • Crazy4Healthy
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    Good luck with that, people here aren't "friending" type

    This is not true at all, where you been hangin' out - :tongue:
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    I'm 5'4" and 150 is my first goal. I'll adjust as needed..... :)

    I'm 38 almost 39..... Trying hard to make this a lifestyle and NOT A DIET! I've lost the weight and regained so many times! My focus has to be on LIFESTYLE this time so I can KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF FOR GOOD!!

    I'm always looking for motivational friends! Anyone feel free to add me!
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    Good luck with that, people here aren't "friending" type

    Really ?? I have only been using MFP 'properly' for about 2 weeks and have about 17 friends but all the people I have come across have been very pleasant and supportive.

    Some of the 'chat' threads are a little strange and I have seen some people go off on little rants about what I consider trivial matters (but as there could be history/background that I don't know about I just ignore it.) but thats just the colorful palette that is life isn't it ??
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    I have a feeli.g you'll change your mind. That's a lot of weight for that height. I'm 5'3" and currently 152 and it's WAY too much.
  • Feel free to add me! I am 5'4

    SW 244
    CW. 183
    GW 145-150
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    Have sent a friend request :)
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    I'm 5'4, 45yo also looking to reach 145...7 pounds to go, woot! I started way, way, way heavier though and originally wanted to reach 130 (my license weight)...I think though that at my age and stage in life and all the baggage from an mobidly obese sedentary body, I'll be thrilled with the high end of healthy. Heck, I'm already thrilled @ 152!!!!
  • swisswife
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    I have a feeli.g you'll change your mind. That's a lot of weight for that height. I'm 5'3" and currently 152 and it's WAY too much.

    Quite possibly, I'm a never say never girl....:)

    150 is the weight I was when I got married 8 years ago and I was around that weight for a while, I was strong and healthy. did lots of cardio, lifted a little weight did Pilates and played a lot of golf....Plus I've always had big boobs so I looked in proportion.... but hey we will see.