I am in women's health!



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    Whoa! Frame that puppy!
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    Congratulations! You've worked hard to be where you're at, and it was a pleasure to read about it.
  • That's awesome!! I look forward to reading the article.
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    Awesome! You look GREAT! How do did you do it, I mean get into the magazine, and do they pay you anything at all? I was trying to do something for Mcdonalds on healthy eating, as I eat there a lot, their healthier fair, to promote healthy eating there, but I don't know how to go about it?! Any suggestions? I have been eating healthy there for 2 years!
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    Congratulations! You look amazing, indeed.
    Just curious: were you warned in advance that they would change some things, and did they ask for permission to do so?

    Congratulations from me too

    but I'm also curious if you ever did squats on a tractor tyre on a beach before the photo shoot, or is it an accurate representation of how you met your goals?

    Yes I actually did tons of workouts on the beach, and we used tires all the time for squats and such... it was so fun!
  • Awesome!! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
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  • that is so awesome! i didn't see this post until today.
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    That's awesome! I'm nine months post baby.. but still have work to do! I didn't start until 5 months after baby came though. :S I'm 5'9", started at 186 this summer. barf! 159... plateau for 3 weeks now... ugh.
    That is so flipping awesome that you landed a spot in the mag though!!
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    Thanks all... it was a really fun shoot, lots of pics, however only one makes the article !
  • Omg!!! I read this when I got mag in the mail! Congrats!! Woo hoo!
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    SWEET!!! Congrats!
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    Congratulations! How did they find u
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    oh wow , how exciting!
    good for you :)
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    awesome! every woman's dream! :)
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    That's SWEET!! Congrats!!
  • WTG!!!! That's such an epic NSV!