Gallstones anyone?

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I experienced the most pain I've ever had in my life! My Fiance left work and rushed me to the emergency room and after 7hours of tests and waiting I found out that I had gallstones. The Dr. told me that eventually I would have to have surgery to remove my gallbladder but to try and maintain the flare ups by dieting and exercise. He gave me a HUGE list of food I can't eat (basically anything high in fat, fried, oily etc. it goes on and on!) Since then I have obsessively watched my food intake and walked everyday and have lost 12lbs. Even with the potential pain lingering over my head I'm still feeling less and less motivated everyday. I don't have a gym membership and I'm getting bored with walking! The food is so boring its more of a chore to eat which means I'm not getting enough calories. But at the same time I'm afraid to eat and have a flare up. I just need some motivation and ideas or tips. Likewise I am willing to motivate anyone who needs it!!!


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    Hi Millie, I have had gallstones for years and the only way to stop them affecting your life is to eat a healthy diet and never starve yourself because I have found that the build up of acids in your stomach when hungry can cause a severe flare up when you do eventually eat. What you eat doesn't have to be boring and you can have treats in moderation. Peppermint tea is a great help, and when you get the first niggling pain suck on a really strong peppermint. Please don't be afraid to continue on your healthy eating journey, if anything, you will feel so much better for it. Good luck:wink:
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    I really feel for you! I suffered with gallstones for (at least) 2 years before finally having my cholecystectomy last month. I seem to have a totally different story to everyone else as I put on a lot of weight! The reason for this is because I was prescribed stupidly strong painkillers and I lived on them. Suddenly my pain was bearable (just about) and I would comfort eat. I used to sit on the sofa in the evenings, heavily dosed up, holding a heat pad against my side (heat is really helpful btw), scoffing junk food. The problem I had was it got to the stage where I had virtually constant pain so it was no worse when I was eating anyway. As a result of that I managed to put on a stupid amount of weight and am now trying to shift it. Are you planning on having the op? It sounds as though you need to, you cant keep suffering. I'm so glad I did. The post op pain was bad but nothing compared to the gallstone pain.
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    I've experienced gall stones and, yes, it is the worst pain I ever experienced. Far worse than childbirth. The best advice I can give you is schedule the surgery as soon as possible.
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    All the females in my family have had our gallbladders removed.Don't let them make you suffer! I felt like crap for years before they found my gallbladder was not excreting bile necessary for digestion.Now I feel great and have lost 22 pounds even though I quit smoking last January!
  • Thanks everyone for all your stories! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who has they as they do not run in my family. I'm trying to get through this and make a complete lifestyle change. Hopefully I can go a year without a flare-up and have the op next December possibly January. I am going to have the op but I really want to reach my fitness goals before that. The peppermint tea idea sounds wonderful! Again thank you for all your support, you made me feel like I'm not alone!!!
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    Gallstones suck. I had my first bought about a month or two ago. I got mine because I lost so much weight, then on a cheat night I ended up in the ER. Problem is I have a lot more to lose before the surgery. I’ve been reading and researching Gallbladder disease and have learned a lot. I’m still trying to find out all the do’s and don’ts with food. I get the fatty fried stuff. I have a friend who’s a naturalist, he has me on AF Beta Food. I haven’t had another attack. Maybe I can help with the food, I’m a cook, I use to chef out at our local country club and did my own catering. I just need to learn everything I can. I also have to have a low carb/sugar. I’ve been doing the eating right thing for over a year.
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    I have had both kidney stones and two kids and gallstone pain is by far the worst! I went on a shake based diet to loose weight then regained half the weight back. I then at 8 crispy creams and a triple soudough Blt over 12 hours and ended up in hospital. Had gallbladder out 10 months later..Now can't eat a lot of fat but have lost 18 kgs and only 5 kg from goal..

    So in way it was the kick I needed to loose weight and get healthy ????
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    I had three gallbladder attacks before I had mine out in October. Turned out it was half full of gallstones. I don't think I've ever hurt so much in my entire life as when it was hurting. I try to eat low fat foods. So far so good.
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    I had gallstones for 2 years before anyone found out what it was. They brushed it off as acid reflex. Mine would last hours to days and was worst than child birth! after another year went by I could not handle the pain and had it removed :) best choice i ever mad! no more pain. for me changing my diet didnt help the flare ups.
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    I was 22 when I felt that pain, extreme awful, I don't know what this is! Pain!
    Took an ambulance ride to a hospital, got there about midnight and they said it was Gall Stones.. they put me in an operating room at 4 pm the next day.. while I waited, I suffered. While they wheeled me into the surgery I saw my surgeon and asked him if when I woke would this pain be gone? He said, yes, but you will have a new pain from the surgery. I said "I don't care if you kill me, just stop the pain!" So obviously I survived and the recovery was almost as bad as the initial attack.. because, my gall stone removal turned into being a full gall bladder removal and well, this was back in 1986, not a good year to end up having to need two blood transfusions on top of the Gall Bladder being taken out.
    I thought I would have a restricted Jello and broth diet for the rest of my life, but I didn't. I can (not that I would now) but I can eat anything, french fries, greasy stuff, etc.. seems like the gall bladder never did do what it was supposed to I guess as it is supposed to break down fatty foods.
    My friend had a scheduled gall bladder removal.. she got the little lazer surgery dots by her belly button, unlike mine. She recovered much faster and she too does not have to restrict her diet, nor live with that kind of pain anymore.
    I would say schedule a surgery, remove the gall bladder. That pain is not something you can "learn to live with"
    Good luck
  • i had my gallbladder out last year. i had a few attacks until a major one landed me in the ER & i was diagnosed w/ gallstones. at that point i had lost about 50# and my doctor said that may have been what caused them. something about cholesterol causing deposits. anyway...i definitely recommend getting your gallbladder removed!
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    I had some misdiagnosed VERY severe gallstone/gallbladder attacks a few years ago- thank goodness you know what's going on :) It happened to me after I lost my first 60lbs or so, I was only 20 so the doctors were VERY surprised. I wound up in the ER, hospital for a week and they took it out- SO MUCH BETTER I cannot express.

    Until you have it removed you will probably find that fats and heavy/rich foods will be terrible for you, but after you have it removed no diet modification is expressly required. I have had no problems since, but have stayed far away from heavy foods or ones with a lot of animal fat (cream, butter, etc) and I go for olive oils instead.

    Best of luck to you- Hope you're feeling 100% soon :) Feel free to add me!
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    :smile: I too, had gallstones. Yes, they do cause incredible pain. I had the surgery, with one non- life- threatening complication. Surgery was so worth it! Listen to your physicians.. If there are any risks with either having or not having the surgery, they should be carefully considered. As for foods that cause flares, I do agree that avoiding fatty foods will help a lot! One hot dog would put me in agony! other things that aggravated my gallbladder were bananas, radishes, anything gassy like cauliflower and brocolli and, for some reason, bananas.
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    I actually went about 10 years before I had my gallbladder removed. When I first had episodes, I had no idea what it was. Went to the doctors office, they couldn't find anything. Then, the episodes stopped for about 5 years. Went to a different doctor, told him the type of pain I was having, the symptoms, etc. They did an ultrasound and finally found some stones. They took my gallbladder out 13 months ago, and have resumed a normal life and diet. I didn't drastically change my diet except for soda- don't drink it at all anymore.
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    Why wouldn't your doctor go ahead and recommend the surgery now? Why do you want to suffer? Not that I'm a huge advocate for surgery, but cholesystectomies are very easy with quick recovery times now days. When you have gallstones, the only surefire way to improve the situation is to remove your gallbladder. I don't think prolonging the surgery is the way to go. It will need to be done eventually no matter what. The procedure is usually done laparoscopically now. This means that they will make about 4 tiny 1in incisions in your belly. They will place a camera that is shaped like a wand into one of these incisions and use the other incision sites to insert instruments into your abdomen. 20+ years ago they used to have to cut people practically from nose to navel and opened the entire abdomen. Now, with a laparoscopic approach (which is much preferred by surgeons), the surgery is shorter, recovery time is only a couple weeks, and you will be back on your feet without pain sooner.
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    I went into the ER with pain and they said it was inflamed gallbladder to watch what I ate also gave me a list of items to eat and do the no-fat low-fat diet. So a year later watching what I ate and still having a flare up every 1-2 months I finally gave up and went into the ER again. To tell me last time I had stones and lecture me as to why I didn't see a specialist. I did a follow up and was admitted the same day. Emergency surgery to remove that bad boy. What they told me was a half an hour procedure turned out to be almost 3.5 hours!!! Doc said he had the hardest time getting it out. Had to open the incision in my bellybutton bigger to get it out. My boyfriend at the time was so worried and asked and asked but they wouldn't tell him anything since he "wasn't" my husband at the time. Walked out a few days later with a tube hanging out to catch excess fluid. Really wish I knew that I did HAVE stones and taken that thing out sooner.

    Got the battle scars to prove it. =)
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    My wife had them for 3 or so years before the doctors figured out what was wrong. they figured out after her galbladder almost died and had to be removed. Ive had them and they suck, brought me to my knees (figure of speach) but did put me on my back to a couple of days. The only advise I have is like everyone else said is watch your diet. eat healthy.
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    Now, with a laparoscopic approach (which is much preferred by surgeons), the surgery is shorter, recovery time is only a couple weeks, and you will be back on your feet without pain sooner.

    Exactly 4 incisions they are in and out and you are on the mend. Don't wait like I did.
  • If one of us had this problem we would use a lot of magnesium oxide powder (write-up on our web site). and make lots and lots of super green smoothies using leafy geen produce fresh from the greo. store with extra virgin olive oil 2 times a day for a month, actually from now on using canned tomato juce or soup or whole canned as a base always adding a tablespoon of frozen lemonaide concentrate to each smoothie recipe.
    Last summer we made Super Green Smoothies using Common Plantain, Dandelions (all parts), mallows, Chickweed, Cleavers, 1 or 2 Burdock Leafs per Smoothie, Wild Lettuce, 1-2 Red Raspberry leaves per Smoothie, 2 Mulberry leaves per Smoothie, 2 Grape Leaves per Smoothie, in our Super Green Smoothies. Sometimes a combination or just one Wild Green such as Dandelion. Using Dandelion we found that when we add the lemon Concentrate we take the twang from it and it is quite pleasant. We drank truck loads of Dandelions. It is a known Gall Bladder Food.

    Google - Super Green Smoothies using WILD Edibles
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  • I agree completely. I had mine out with the laparascope/4 tiny incisions and I was working from home the next day.